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Charoite Properties: The Gemstone for Inner Strength

Charoite is a rare stone with very high vibrations. These allow it to stimulate the mind and body, allowing a person to live in and appreciate the present moment.

So let’s unpack this information and look at the ways in which communing with this particular crystal could help your soul, so that you may have, with any luck, the best-possible results.

Charoite Teardrop Necklace in Silver Sterling
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Charoite: What it is and What it Does

First, let’s get oriented with this rare stone. Charoite comes in a very inspiring variety of purples, usually with small white markings.

It looks less like something that came out of the ground and more like a flower or a pretty dress or jewelry, which it does often adorn.

It is a mineral made up of a dizzying combo of barium, calcium strontium, and potassium; it was first discovered near the Chara River in Russia in the 1940s.

Because it is so hard, sturdy, and durable, you’ll see all sorts of great things crafted from this gem, including end tables, clocks, even vases.

Metaphysical Benefits of Charoite

So, let’s get into the metaphysical properties of Charoite, or the properties that have to do with how we think and how we experience the world.

These go well beyond physical properties and are the reason many folks turn to this and other crystals.

Emotional Healing

A common nickname for charoite is “the transformation stone.” This component of charoiite’s meaning comes from the various types of emotional healing it does, working with sundry needs for improvement that we might have.

Here is a compact, easy-to-read rundown of the sorts of emotional healing Charoite is known to provide.

  • Living in the moment– If a person lives too much in the past–or even the future–it is hard to enjoy what is happening in the present, and it is hard to live a joy-filled life. Also, being in the moment allows a person to be more enthusiastic, sending better energy around her or him.  
  • Positive change– As the stone of transformation, charoite’s properties are very much those you need to take on the challenge of making big changes–as needed–in your life.  It gives you, not just the courage, but the clarity and concentration to focus for the changes that are best for you.  
  • Dealing with loss– Who among us isn’t dealing with some sort of loss from time to time? It doesn’t have to be loss in the form of a death, but could be the breakup of a relationship, the loss of job or of financial security; moving from a community you’d cherished; any major change in how you live your life and in who is around you and what resources are available. The way that the transformation stone, Charoite, does this is by driving away negative energy and by enabling a person to find the positive and to find creative new ways of looking at any issue.
  • Reflection– While it’s important to all of us to own up to mistakes we’ve made and to strive to improve, it’s also important not to be too hard on oneself. Coming up with a full, compassionate way of looking at oneself, one that may include self-forgiveness,  is possible only through reflection.  Having a fair and balanced way of thinking about yourself and your emotions in turn produces ample spiritual energy for moving ahead.  

Healing is necessary before moving on to anything new. A healed psychology is the only kind that can move forward and progress in life.

As you can see, charoite crystal’s meaning is oriented toward both healing and providing the energy and impetus for positive and necessary change.

Physical Healing

Many people turn to crystals for healing properties that apply specifically to physical ailments or issues.

Whether one is looking to heal an existing condition or prevent one from forming, experts suggest that charoite and other crystals have positive effects.


According to those who know about healing crystals, one of the parts of the body positively impacted by Charoite is the liver.

This is, of course, an extremely important part of the body. As we know, extensive alcohol use can compromise this organ.

According to claims,charoite can rejuvenate the liver after damage has been done by alcohol use.

In fact, it helps detoxify the body in general when a person has abused alcohol.

Some say that the work of crystals like Charoite can intensify the benefits of medication; to be sure, if you have a liver disease or condition, you should seek the help of a doctor first and foremost.

Headaches and other pains

Many healing tools that have calming effects also apply to aches and pains, and Charoite is no exception.

It is reportedly instrumental in helping migraines, headaches, joint pains, and other aches and pains.

It is even said to help soothe eye strain, which can sometimes lead to bad headaches.

Stress and High Blood Pressure

By grounding high frequency energy, Charoite serves as a stress reducer. So much of its energies go toward calming a person and helping a person live in the moment.

So much stress we endure comes from worrying about the future and about things outside of our control.

Living in the moment helps reduce stress, which in turn helps lower blood pressure.

Because blood pressure can lead to all manner of heart diseases.

To conclude on the physical healing properties of Charoite, it is also known to provide energy, help maintain a healthy heart, and heal the pancreas.

Using Your Charoite’s Properties to their Fullest Potential

Cleansing Charoite

There are just a few steps to take before simply using the Charoite. The first is to cleanse it.

Fortunately, this is simple and convenient enough. You can submerge your glistening stone in salt water, bathe it in moonlight, or allow it to soak in some incense smoke.

You can rinse your Charoite with a soft cloth; the water should be cool. Also, as one might guess, it’s a good idea to not use anything abrasive and not to scrape at the charoite.

Some crystals scratch more easily than others, and since charoite is soft, it is one of the easily-scratched ones.

Activating Charoite

This is a part of the process that some folks may not even be aware of. But a tiny bit of patience before using the stones for the first time is important.

There are some similarities between activating and cleansing a stone. Cleansing needs to be done periodically, whereas activation is done only upon getting the stones for the first time.

Intentions– The first way to activate your charoite crystals is by intentions.

This means holding the crystal, wearing it, or standing over it and affirming what you wish the crystal to do, in a simple sentence or two.

Doing so outloud is one very valid way, yet you can also just think the affirmation.

Sage– To activate any crystal with sage, just burn a bit of sage and wave the crystals through the smoke a few times.

Moonlight– You can activate your charoite by setting it out in a full moon.

If you don’t have a good place to set your crystals outdoors, just go with the windowsill.

Some people write out their intentions–like a note to Santa–and place them beneath the stones.

Water– This simple method just entails soaking your crystals in lukewarm water all day or overnight.

Try to naturally dry them in the sun if at all possible.

Note that all of these can integrate intentions–you’ll feel better and probably get the best results if you have some sort of verbal intentions with the various methods.

Which Chakras are Activated by Charoite?

Chakras are important energy centers in our bodies; they contain and spur spiritual growth and important spiritual properties.

A person who is feeling out of sorts or off kilter probably has chakras that need some work.

Charoite works, specifically, with heart and crown chakras, so let’s take a look at these two energy centers.

Heart Chakra– The heart chakra is, yes, located near the heart. But it connects to other chakras, sending and receiving energies.

One of charoite’s properties is facilitating flow of energy between the chakras.

An open heart chakra allows the flow of kundalini energy (divine feminine energy) to the crown, third eye, and heart chakras.

This has amazing cleansing and healing properties, and will make anybody feel vastly better.

Crown Chakra– This chakra relates to higher-level thoughts and any exposure to higher consciousness we can aspire to.

When Charoite works with the crown chakra to remove blockages and open it properly, we receive positive energies that propel us forward.

Higher consciousness always involves ways to move forward in life and ways to find solutions to challenges.

Imagine a pathway to these great energies, one that can be, if attended to properly, open on an ongoing basis.

That is what the crown chakra is, so one would be wise to do everything possible to keep it open.

Charoite Horoscope

The astrological signs that align with charoite are Sagittarius and Scorpio.

It’s a stone of beginnings and endings, taking us to the winter sky, where one year ends and another begins.

Sagittarians have a lot of enthusiasm, but sometimes this can cause them to act impulsively.

One of charoite’s properties, recall, is grounding, so it really dovetails with the sagittarius zodiac sign.

As for Scorpios, their inherent courage is supported by chaorite; and their tendency toward jealousy can be tempered by Charoite’s metaphysical properties helping them to see things from a more detached, less purely emotional reaction.

Charoite Jewelry

We’ve given you information on cleansing and activating healing crystals in the form of charoite.

But you also should feel more than encouraged to wear charoite jewelry as well.

While this is different from setting up a shrine of crystals, and while it’s different from placing crystals directly on parts of your body (corresponding to specific chakras), wearing jewelry made with healing crystals does keep an energy and vibrations near you on a regular basis.

Here are a few examples.

Pendants– This natural heart pendant brings charoite’s properties to your wrist or to the end of a pretty necklace.

It is made of silver and stone and has black and white patterns in addition to the beautiful light purple.

Having something so beautiful to wear is a great way to open and cleanse your chakras and give you greater spiritual vision.

Necklace– This handmade charoite necklace has a hook closure with adjustable length.

Your friends will love its look, and you’ll enjoy the calming and grounding qualities of charoite with these small stones against your skin.

Bangles– This Siberian Charoite gives a good surface of charoite to deliver its energies to you.

Showing off the vibrant color of the stone, this bracelet will also give you the spiritual healing of charoite.

It weighs 47 grams and has an inner diameter of 56mm.

Bracelets– You’ll catch everyone’s glances with this unique item, made of small orbs of charoite.

It’s whimsical and has many beneficial metaphysical properties as well.

Earrings– Another option is dainty stud earrings, made of sterling silver.

Charoite Paraphernalia

There is no doubt that wearing charoite on your body as jewelry can keep you near the energy you really need.

However, a lot of people get a spiritual boost from making it more into a ritual.

And some objectives, including physical healing, can best be done with making contact with or being close to full-sized stones used as crystals rather than as jewel stones.

Here are some items you can use to get the most benefits from charoite’s properties.

Point tower– These towers, which look like the sturdy, powerful corners of medieval cities, can work with grids or crystal gardens, or as twin sentries on a table or surface.

They, as their shape would suggest, focus energies. If placed in the four corners of a room, they can protect the entire room from negative energies that would come from any direction.

Palm stone– Appropriately-named, these little cuts fit in a person’s palm.

This way, the cleansing energy aligns with either side of your body. That is why palm stones are a great complement to meditation or yoga.

Tumbled stones– Because of the small size of various available tumbled stones, they give you the flexibility to fit them into your grid or crystal garden.

The power of charoite can give you reassurance in addition to healing emotional fears.

Heart– This shape of cabochon can make amazing necklaces or bracelets and can be very powerful gifts.

Yet they also give you the healing properties of the heart chakra.

Pyramid- Because a pyramid is made up of upward-reaching triangles, it serves a symbol of a flame.

But the base symbolizes the grounding that is such a big part of charoite’s properties.


Please take joy and courage from this article. Your path is yours to forge and we hope that you will have a productive journey.

While the results alluded to come from experts, they aren’t the product of traditional scientific research.


What are the powers of charoite?

Charoite is one of many healing crystals, meaning that it has metaphysical properties that help our souls. It has strong grounding properties, and is the stone of transformation.

How strong is charoite?

Charoite is known as having particularly strong spiritual properties. This is largely because it works with important chakras, such as the heart and crown chakras, which have strong spiritual effects.

Where do you wear charoite?

Charoite makes stunning pendants for necklaces, as well as beaded and other bracelets. Including earrings and bangles, it’s an extremely versatile stone for jewelry.