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Blue sandstone meaning, properties and healing benefits

You must have heard about many crystals that heal people spiritually and physically.

A blue sandstone—also called blue goldstone or star stone—is no exception.

Like other crystals, you can use it to improve your emotional, spiritual and physical states.

Blue Sandstone Pendant
Image by ILVIsrael via Etsy

It’s an artificial gem, but its true meaning will shock you. Blue sandstone will protect you from challenging situations, motivate you, heal you, bring you success and fuel your ambitions.

On top of that, the stone looks like a tiny piece of a starry night sky. Like orange selenite, this beautiful stone can naturally calm your mind.

Interesting, right? Then, let’s check out the benefits, properties, uses and many more details of this goldstone.

Origins of Blue Sandstone

Unfortunately, you can’t find blue sandstone in nature. It needs experts to make it up with loads of ingredients like glass, quartz sand and other components.

So, historians think that the Venetian family founded this crystal in the Miottis of Venice.

Back then, experts were experimenting with making a new destiny stone because they used to believe in the power of crystals.

The result was beautiful blue sandstone.

But its formula was private for many centuries. In the 19th century, the glassmaker artisan Pietro Bigaglia revealed the method to the public.

However, some believe this stone was molded and forged by the monastic orders.

As the blue sandstone was designed to protect peace and it was formed in religious institutions, some historians call it the monk’s gold.

Blue Sandstone Meaning: Properties That Will Make You Go “Wow”

Thise crystal consists of quartz and glass with a pinch of cobalt, which is instrumental for its lovely bluish color.

These elements have different properties as well. They’re connected spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Let’s see how.

Spiritual Properties

Whenever we hear about crystal stones, we automatically think about spiritual values.

The same goes for this blue-colored stone as well. It’s the king in its spiritual assets.

Blue sandstone can be referred to as the ‘stone of ambition. ‘ If you are not sure about what to do in your life, have low self-esteem or are confused about stuff, trust us, this will heal you spiritually.

Moreover, the stone shares some properties of aventurine and Tiger’s Eye, which will help you recognize yourself.

Once you know your goal, your future will be settled.

Emotional Properties

Next up, there are blue sandstone’s emotional properties. If you’re introverted, don’t know how to express your feelings towards people or are not emotionally available, this rock will help you.

It will make you empathetic, tolerant, patient, positive and less judgemental.

And, of course, the calming dark blue color will give you a fantastic feeling after a whole day of stress.

It will give you true peace and keep your mind under control.

Like many other crystals, blue sandstone pieces are used for lucid dreaming too.

Having control over your dreams means you can effectively avoid nightmares when sleeping.

Physical Properties

According to online claims, the physical properties of blue sandstone are also powerful.

For example, the healing experts say you should wear blue if you have an upset stomach, inflammation or joint pains.

The blue goldstone is the darkest blue, which will help you overcome all these issues.

This rock is excellent for increasing blood circulation, which will boost the growth of your hair and nails.

You can use this stone with unakite because the latter helps you recover from major illnesses.

How to Cleanse and Charge a Blue Sandstone Crystal

By now, you already know how blue sandstone absorbs all the negative energy from your surroundings.

So if you don’t cleanse and charge it, a genuine blue sandstone will lose its effectiveness.

Another crystal that absorbs negative energy is rainbow obsidian. So, you can use them together for better results.

Let’s show you how to cleanse it.

  • First of all, you need a Tibetan singing bowl. This bowl is known for relaxing sounds that can calm your mind.
  • Put your blue sandstone in front of the bowl.
  • Then, you need a wooden striker to strike the side of your Tibetan bowl.
  • At the edge of your bowl, slightly run the striker. It’ll create a gentle vibrating sound.
  • Run the striker for 5-10 minutes in the same way. It’ll make a soft sound that’ll cleanse blue sandstone.
  • Finally, after the stone is cleansed, state your intention to charge it again.

Using a Tibetan singing bowl is just one way of cleansing your crystal. You can also adopt these methods:

  • Leave the gemstone under the sunlight for some time.
  • Put it under the night sky or moonlight.
  • Soak it in water and wipe it down for cleaning properly.

How to Activate Blue Sandstone Without Hassle

When you first buy your blue goldstone, you have to activate it. There are different ways to switch on a stone.

The first thing you can do is lend your positive energies to it. For example, you can sing to it, set your intentions and send life force energy by breathing through.

Furthermore, you can take the crystal out with you if you’re going somewhere secluded, such as to the beach or park.

Places like these have their own calming energy.

Since beaches have positive healing properties, taking the stone to these places will activate it.

Plus, the serene vibe of parks and areas with greenery will be good for your sandstone.

How to Use Blue Sandstone

You might be super excited to use this gem by now. Let’s tell you how to use blue sandstone properly so you get the most value out of it.

At Home

To find ultimate peace, you can put this crystal in your home. According to Feng Shui, it can bring good luck and fortune because of its strong connection to the earth and ocean.

Its grounding energy will protect you from the harmful effects of the outside world.

You can put this excellent stone in your room in a glass bowl or any big showpiece.

Also, place it beside your pillow or on your reading table to comfort your body and mind.

In Your Pouch

If you follow celebrities, you must know that some of them believe in the power of crystals and carry them in their pouch or handbag.

They believe that it can bring you success no matter what you do. The crystal experts suggest people put their stones in their handbags so they can radiate a positive vibe to you.

To Meditate

Meditation can improve your mental health significantly. And the exciting part is you can meditate with blue sandstone.


So, if you’re having an overthinking issue, anxiety, tension or stress, you can simply take the stone and hold it to get rid of all these problems.

You need to put the stone in the center of your forehead to allow its magic power to open emotional blocks instantly, which will make you feel better, according to spiritual professionals.

Different Types of Jewelry with Blue Sandstone

The most stylish way to use blue sandstone is as jewelry. Everyone can wear it and look gorgeous.

Wear it as your necklace, ring or bracelet to have the ultimate result. The advantage of using it as jewelry is that it can always be there for you and give you positive intensity all day.

Kite-shaped Blue Sandstone Pendant

This blue sandstone necklace is a must-have for any fashionista. The art deco-inspired design is gorgeous, and the white gold makes the necklace pop.

Be ready to get compliments!

But if you like something minimal, choose the following pendant instead.

This simple but beautiful blue sandstone pendant is perfect for any outfit and season.

Its minimalist design means it can be dressed up or down.

Blue Goldstone Bracelet

This bracelet is stunning! The blue goldstone cabochon is beautiful and catches the light perfectly.

It’s set in a silver-plated, adjustable bangle, which will fit almost any wrist size.

Blue Sandstone Ring

This ring is a beautiful and unique piece that is perfect for anyone who loves artisan jewelry.

The faceted band looks elegant, and the dark blue color of the stone is striking.

This ring would be perfect for stacking with other rings or wearing as a statement piece.

How to Use Blue Sandstone as a Crystal- the Different Shapes

So we have talked about using blue sandstone as jewelry. You can also use it as a crystal to get all its benefits.

Blue Sandstone Tower

Towers discharge highly focused energy so you can use them for Feng Shui and meditation.

Bring them with you when taking a shower to get a super relaxing effect.

Blue Goldstone Palm Stone

Palm stones are suitable for meditation or keeping under your pillow if you are experiencing trouble sleeping.

Blue Goldstone Thumb Stone

You can use this as a fidgeting device or keep it in your pouch to relieve stress and anxiety.

Blue Sandstone Tumbles

Mini-tumbled stones are for everyone. No matter where you are, you can keep them beside you.

Whether they are beside your bed, in any glass bowl, in the car or in your handbag, you can keep these around you.

Chakra Connections in Blue Sandstone

Did you know this goldstone has a powerful connection to the throat chakra?

When used on the throat chakra, blue sandstone helps you open up and attune your inner voice when combined with lapis lazuli.

It’s also said that blue stones have incredible power to improve your third eye chakra.

Improve the chakra’s energy points by wearing this stone as a bracelet or ring.

And this is the exact meaning of blue sandstone: to improve your energies.

This crystal can also balance your heart chakra, and unblock your feelings and thoughts by connecting to the crown chakra.

Blue Sandstone and the Zodiac

Blue-colored stones are excellent crystals for all zodiac signs. Wear blue sandstone if you want to clear your head, succeed or improve your bodily capabilities.

Especially for Capricorn and Sagittarius, this stone works like a miracle.

If you belong to these zodiac signs and you’re dealing with severe depression, it’s time to wear a blue goldstone now.

Sources of Blue Sandstone

At any crystal shop, you’ll find the original blue sandstone. It’s an artificial stone, so you must be careful before buying it.

Find an authentic shop with a reputation or reputed sellers on retail platforms like Etsy and Amazon.

The Takeaways

Some of the blue sandstone benefits might be real, and most people find many advantages.

However, science is always about proving things based on proper proof. So, don’t use them as an alternative to medicines or medical procedures.

If you’re a true believer in spirit, the blue sandstone’s meaning and purpose will change your life.

It has refreshing qualities to calm your body and mind. Using this gem, you can prove your uniqueness to the world after you become confident.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blue Sandstone Meaning

What does the blue sandstone mean?

Blue sandstone is designed to make you prosperous and peaceful. Your ambitions, goals, relationships and emotions will be balanced once you use this stone.

What does sandstone do spiritually?

For spirituality, blue sandstone will help you to recognize yourself and know what you want from your life.

Is blue sandstone man-made?

Yes, blue sandstone is a manufactured crystal. It’s made with glass, cobalt, sand quartz and other natural minerals.

What color is blue sandstone?

Blue sandstone is dark blue with star-like tiny dots across the surface. Its galaxy-like appearance can calm your mind once you see it.

Is blue goldstone the same as blue sandstone?

Blue goldstone and blue sandstone are the same stone. They’re named differently in different countries.