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Blue Calcite Meanings, Properties And Healing Benefits

Blue Calcite is as rare as it is lovely. It is a dreamy light blue with gray tones.

But it has the ability to change color due to microscopic traces of other metals, and this brings a new, special energy!

Blue Calcite Tumbled Stones
Image by CrystalGemsCoStore Etsy

It can be used as a healing crystal and will help you unlock creativity and chase away negative energy.

We will now explore the various powers of Blue Calcite and how to use it for life improvement.

Blue Calcite–What it’s Made Of

Here, we’ll look at both physical and metaphysical properties of blue calcite.

Let’s start with what it is in so many words. It’s made up of Calcium Carbonate–now if that sounds like your least favorite class in school, just think of chalk, which is also made of CC.

While there are various types of Calcite, Blue Calcite is surely special, due to its subtle, haunting colors.

In spite of its name, many stones have a greyish or blue-grey appearance, while others are more of a robin’s egg blue. Their clarity really adds to their appearance.

Spiritual Properties

No matter how pretty various gemstones are, it’s important to pay mind to their spiritual benefits too.

Blue Calcite stones are known to really boost creativity, silencing a type of “inner editor” that may be holding you back.

Creativity can be thrown at any number of components of your life, and is necessary to elevate your life.

Blue Calcite crystals also have the properties of calming the mind and coaxing sadness and doubt away.

Healing Properties

When looking at Blue Calcite’s meaning, it’s absolutely necessary to look at their healing properties, ways in which they heal the body in addition to the soul.

Well, these stones have a reputation for amplifying the flow of energy in your body!

What’s better than that? It is also said that using the stones aids in the highest functioning of the lungs.

The Inside Scoop on Blue Calcite

Now that we know what Blue Calcite is, we’re freed to start asking other questions.

One of these is where does Blue Calcite come from? Don’t miss a chance to wow your friends with the distant, exotic location that birthed the rock you’re wearing.

Therefore, one major location for finding Blue Calcite is, appropriately enough, Iceland.

Even though there’s actually a warmth to many hues of Blue Calcite, there is also a coolness to many stones as well.

But, oddly, Blue Calcite comes from countries with very different climates from Iceland, such as The United States, Mexico and Great Britain.

This stone can also be found in the Czech Republic, South Africa, and Pakistan.

As you can see, some of the rarity of the gem comes from the fact that its home countries pop up here and there, with great distance in between.

The use of this wonderful crystal goes back to the ancient Egyptians, who took the blue color as a representation of the sky, and thus life-giving energy.

Later, in India, folks tried to use the blue calcite stone to increase their psychic abilities.

Most crystals used in any spiritual capacity today have histories going back a millennium or more.

Many Shades of Blue Calcite

The exact metallic makeup of a particular stone determines its precise color, and Blue Calcite does come in varied shades.

Many are grey-blue or grey, and some appear nearly white. But some are closer to a traditional, sea blue, and some are even darker.

The darker blue stones probably originate in Pakistan.

However, that doesn’t mean that all the Calcite stones in Pakistan are darker.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite, since Pakistan is home to Caribbean Blue Calcite.

This variety is made up of white Aragonite and Blue Calcite. As a result, it’s a striking pale in color, often with many amber or brown markings.

Some of these stones look like something you’d expect to find on another planet.

Putting Blue Calcite into play in your Life

Because of the great spiritual powers of Blue Calcite, many people like to use the gemstone as a healing crystal.

To do so, one has only to go through a few simple and easy steps to get started.

Cleansing Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite stones need to be cleansed every so often (three or four months, as a suggestion) to ensure their energies are fresh.

One way to do this is to bury the stone in brown rice to melt away any bad energies.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to eat the rice afterward. Another way to go is Selenite, which is crucial for the collection of any crystal enthusiast.

It’s a hard-working stone, chasing away negative energies. So if you have a bowl or any container made of selenite, or if you have your selenite make contact with your Blue Calcite, you will be in a good place.

However, if you don’t have access to these items right now, clean water will suffice.

Just soak the crystal and then discard the water afterward. Just be sure not to use any abrasive chemicals.

Charging Blue Calcite

Any time you cleanse a healing crystal, you should also charge it. Again, Selenite is your friend here, lending its incredible energies to giving the crystal in question its necessary energy.

Any type of crystal or crystal-based product will work to charge your blue calcite.

Tibetan Quartz is a great alternative as well. Place four quartz crystals together and put your blue calcite directly on them, with the points inward.

A third, easiest method is simply bathing your Blue Calcite in moonlight while you rest in sleep.

Activating Blue Calcite

This is the final step in preparing for the crystals to do their work. It is done, of course, after cleansing and charging the healing crystals.

This is where the Blue Calcite’s meaning really comes across. Of course, you have to be sure that the goals you have are in line with Blue Calcite’s meaning, as we’re identifying here: the areas in which it can help you spiritually.

Once you know the things you’d like the crystal to help you with, verbally declare your intentions.

You may follow this with a statement like “for the greatest good,” or a mantra you’ve adopted.

It is best to do this three or four times, being sure to give time for the energy to transfer.

Achieving Goals with Blue Calcite

Now we’re at the stage where Blue Calcite’s meaning is as a crystal, an energetic force that is believed to improve people’s lives.

One of the major spiritual improvements reported to be in store for one who works with Blue Calcite is an opening up of one’s intuitions.

Being able to sense people’s meanings behind ambiguous phrases or feeling their intentions are all examples of an intuitive sense improving.

You can also sense when you may get into bad behaviors or backslide in some way.

This will, of course, help you prevent these negative things from happening.

Wearing Blue Calcite, or in some other way keeping close company with the stone, is said to bring the wearer a better ability to communicate, including the ability to say things that may be difficult for your friends or family to hear.

Because these things are probably the most important for you to get out in the open, it’s important not to let fear or anxiety get in the way.

Another benefit claimed by users is an improvement for depression. It is said to calm a person and make a person feel at ease.

A depressed thinker is a very negative thinker, and a calmer mind will provide some distance to see the positive side of an issue.

Blue Calcite is said to also help with related maladies such as anxiety and stress.

The nice calm it provides is absolutely necessary when pursuing other emotional improvements.

Blue Calcite’s Health Benefits

While spiritual health and physical health are entwined, they can be discussed as two categories.

One should definitely be aware of what Blue Calcite is said to do for your physical–as well as spiritual–health, so we’ll take a look now.

As would be expected from a crystal with calming properties (a big part of blue calcite’s meaning), this stone is associated with lowering blood pressure.

Also, because it relieves stress, it also fights inflammation and tightness.

That shows how well one’s spiritual health can play into one’s purely medical life.

Blue Calcite and the Third Eye

The sixth chakra is also known as the third eye chakra, and is thought of as a true eye, though one that is invisible and spiritual in nature.

It is known to be placed on the forehead, just above the space between eyebrows.

This eye is thought of as a rite of passage into enlightenment, that once one has this eye, she or he has greater spiritual knowledge and powers like clairvoyance and being able to see chakras–a very heightened way of living.

The Sanskrit word for the Third Eye is “ajna,” meaning “perceiving” and “command.”

It is said to take a person to such a height that they feel they are existing independently of anything at all.

That is, if it’s healed and cared for. (Of course, it has to be activated in the first place).

Well, that is where Blue Calcite comes in.

Performing standard chakra treatments with Blue Calcite is universally claimed to put energy into the Third Eye Chakra.

In some regards, this could be considered one of the most beneficial acts of Blue Calcite; if you’re looking to do the most good, you should consider developing your third eye.

Blue Calcite and The Zodiac

Whereas Blue Calcite isn’t an official birthstone, it has been adopted by people with a birth date from Feb.

19- Mar. 19. It’s also a great match for those whose zodiac sign is Cancer.

One of the traits of Cancers is that they aren’t generally afraid to express their feelings and opinions.

Because Blue Calcite heals the throat chakra, it can help folks get even better in that regard.

Cancers tend to be creative, and Blue Calcite can boost this trait as well, through its interactions with the Third Eye Chakra.

A Cancer using Blue Calcite is really leveraging a lot of the universe’s natural powers.

Blue Calcite and Planets

Blue Calcite’s counterparts in the realm of the planets are Venus and Jupiter.

The metaphysical properties of Venus are giving and receiving love, to appreciate, but also to desire.

Blue Calcite may help some spiritual-minded people meet their desires.

As for Jupiter, it is reputed to bring some far-fetched things, such as miracles, favor, and fortune.

There’s no doubt that people who effectively use Blue Calcite as a healing crystal will have some positive effects.

Sourcing Blue Calcite

A responsible consumer wants to know where their luxury goods come from. Blue Calcite that you may buy could come from a number of countries, including Pakistan, Czech Republic, and the United States.

But it’s most likely that your Blue Calcite will come from Iceland. Because it is a peaceful country with no standing military (except a militarized Coast Guard), you can be assured that Iceland isn’t selling these stones as conflict stones.

That would be a big insult to Blue Calcite’s meaning, and you have nothing to worry about.

It is important, when possible, to research the mining methods of jewelry and stones you’re interested in.

Blue Calcite Jewelry

There’s a lot of emphasis on the healing and spiritual properties of Blue Calcite.

But it’s also just beautiful. It should surely be worn as jewelry. The closeness to your body will recharge the stone, but to get the most healing benefits, placing blue calcite crystals directly on your skin will almost surely be more effective.

In any case, here are some idea-inspirers for various kinds of jewelry featuring Blue Calcite.

Blue Calcite Raw Crystal Necklace– This necklace features a hefty irregularly-shaped cut of crystal, wrapped in wire to meet today’s style.

The necklace length is 18 inches and adjustable.

Elegant Calcite Bangle Bracelet – This handmade, art deco item really shows the beauty of Calcite.

Dreamy and calming, this bangle bracelet promises to help you regain lost energies.

Argentinian Blue Calcite Bracelet – This is another handmade piece, and it’s crafted of a couple of dozen quaint Blue Calcite beads.

It’s said that this necklace brings much-needed calming.

Lumerian Aquatine Blue Calcite Earrings – These avant garde earrings are made of silver and stone, in addition to the gemstone itself.

Impress your friends.

Various Shapes of Crystals

Particularly when using the stone for blue calcite’s powers–spiritual and healing–you will run into a very different experience from, say, wearing blue calcite earrings a few days a week.

Here, the pieces of crystal are large and powerful-looking, with different shapes that have their own significance.

So here’s a brief guide to unlocking a component of blue calcite’s meaning.

  1. Point towers– Pointed crystals primarily play a protective role. But in a variety of situations, pointed crystals make your intentions more intense.  Likely destinations for them include amulets or dream pillows–here, they’ll chase away nightmares.
  2. Palm stones– <sorry, this item is unavailable>
  3. Sphere/egg- Sphere crystals are all about infinity, unity, and completeness. Their healing properties are said to center around improving your integrity and clarity of thought. These orbs of blue calcite are large enough for gazing.
  4. Heart– The meaning to this crystal shape may not be nearly as mysterious as, say, blue calcite’s meaning. It’s a heart–it means love. Giving it to that special someone is giving one of the ultimate gifts.
  5. Geode– This configuration is a rock with hollowed out sides, with a nice crystal formation inside. The significance of these kinds of crystals is stability, plus the strength to ward off evil spirits or other threats.

To Summarize our Findings

One of the most beneficial things about blue calcite, a very special stone, is how it opens up our Third Eye.

In so doing, it gives us so much access to what is divine in the universe.

This gem, in its comforting color, accordingly delivers healing powers that specialize in calming, reducing stress.

Its crystal healing abilities extend to giving a user less inflammation and, eventually, lower blood sugar.

Therefore, this stone is bound to provide value in a variety of ways, in addition to being stunning.

Blue Calcite Meaning FAQ

Where should I put Blue Calcite?

If you are looking for physical healing, it is customary to put the crystal atop that part of the body.

When working with the Third Eye Chakra, a pendant or small cabochon can be balanced on the forehead of a person lying on their back.

What does Blue Calcite Do Spiritually?

Blue Calcite’s main meaning lies in its working to open the Third Eye, which means a huge spiritual meaning to the wearer.

This meaning involves being able to see Chakras and to have a heightened intuition.

What Zodiac is Cancer?

While not a birthstone per se, Blue Calcite matches up with those of the Cancer sign, since it promotes creativity, in addition to clear and confident thinking.

Is Blue Calcite a Protective Stone?

Blue Calcite absolutely has some important protective qualities. It can protect a person from negative energy, from bad dreams, and, if used correctly, even high blood pressure.