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Black Jade: The Crystal of Strength, Courage & Inner Peace

Black jade is a unique, powerful and rare stone which is known for its captivating beauty and energy-boosting properties.

People have used it for centuries in various spiritual practices.

Mayan Ax in Black Jade
Image by Novica via Amazon – check this item on Amazon

The stone works great for physical and spiritual healing. It also enhances creativity and amplifies the power of any intention you set.

Because the crystal brims with mystical meanings and healing benefits, it has long been sought for its ability to bring protection, balance and success.

Let’s explore black jade’s meanings, history, properties and uses, and how it can be harnessed to bring positive change into your life.

Black Jade Types and Origin

Scientifically, jade has two mineral variations: nephrite and jadeite. You can easily find the nephrite variation.

The crystal structures of nephrite jade feature calcium magnesium silicate.

Nephrite jade is renowned for its striking waxy sheen and smooth surface, which can range in colors from white to black, green, deep olive green, and even more subtle shades.

This variety of jade is mainly found in the USA, Canada and Australia.

On the other hand, jadeite is rarer and has a lustrous look, thanks to its sodium aluminum silicate element.

You can find it only in the deep forests of Myanmar and Guatemala. This type is the most expensive because of the rarity and higher quality.

Even rarer is black jade, which is mainly found in South Australia and New South Wales.

Another version is sourced from Peru that is known as “Lemurian” jade because of being dotted with golden pyrite.

Throughout ancient cultures, black jade has been considered a precious item, especially among the Mayans and Aztecs.

It’s also equally precious and revered in Peruvian and Chinese cultures.

While the meanings attributed to the stone may have changed from one culture to another, it is still seen as possessing valuable properties today.

Black Jade’s Properties: A Detailed Guide

This stone looks black because its mining grounds have a high percentage of iron ore.

However, this does not make the crystal opaque or dull-looking. Because it’s a nephrite jade, it still shimmers green under bright light.

The meaning of black jade and the black jade stone’s properties are similar.

The properties are the elaborated advantages of those meanings.

Emotional Properties

For emotional support, black jade doesn’t leave any stone unturned. Many of us struggle to stay calm during a sudden crisis or long-term stress.

Jade works like a charm to lift you in these situations. It has a soothing and peaceful energy, making you feel relaxed and more grounded.

Another crystal that creates a soothing mental effect is angelite. It removes your anger and anxiety issues and allows you to express yourself freely and without fear.

So, you can pair up these two stones to keep yourself grounded and experience the ultimate calming effect.

This way, we can control our emotions more maturely using this black dream stone.

It also allows us to find peace and serenity over time. But getting results needs patience and the desire to grow and change.

Mental Properties

This crystal brings integrity to our beliefs and actions, leading to our long-term mental well-being.

It allows us to look at life from different angles and interpret the more significant and hidden meanings.

For this reason, this healing jade is also recognized as the ‘philosopher’s stone’.

So, black or green jade is the best solution if you have a mental block. Using them will help settle things more logically and clearly.

Spiritual Properties

We all experience vulnerability at some point in our lives, and some of us even go through traumatic experiences that lead to PTSD.

This is where black jade can help us to confront and address the deep-rooted toxic and negative fears, beliefs and insecurities that we have held onto for a long time.

Spiritual healing with this stone may increase the chance of attracting more positive vibes, security and abundance into our lives.

Healing Properties

Black jade is an excellent stone, renowned for its healing properties. Not only can it support our emotional wellbeing, but it can also help to boost immunity and detoxify our bodies.

Crystal practitioners believe it can protect us from bacteria, viruses, parasites and other harmful organisms.

By directly influencing the adrenal glands, this jade can help to regulate our immune system and stress levels.

For these reasons, a black jade jewelry piece or stone can be a great addition to your wellness and self-care routine.

Are There Any Black Jade Simulants?

There are many imitations of black jade and other black crystals, such as hematite and onyx.

However, the fake ones are often much softer than the real jade stones. You can easily scratch them and identify whether they’re the real deal.

Some of the simulants include glass, green quartz, serpentine and soapstone.

Because genuine black jade is rare and found in limited regions, it’s also considered a valuable gemstone.

For these reasons, its imitations are available in the market. Because they are low-cost and look like the real ones (with some minor differences that only skilled people can discern), many people buy the jewelry or for decoration.

However, some dishonest businesses sell the imitations as the real stone. So, you should only purchase from trusted and reputed sellers.

How to Cleanse and Charge a Black Jade Crystal

There are many ways to cleanse and charge your black jade crystal. All these methods are good enough, so follow what suits you the best.

Running Water

Water is an excellent way to cleanse and charge crystals, especially from natural sources like springs.

For jade, however, extreme care must be taken as it is a delicate stone.

Never submerge it in water and make sure the water is free from chlorine and other elements.

When finished, dry the stone with a soft cloth to prevent scratching. Additionally, never put your jade in salt water because it can corrode the stone’s delicate surface.

Natural Light 

Natural sunlight is best for cleansing and recharging most crystals, but it’s better not to put black jade in the sunlight.

Instead, recharge it under the moonlight. Keep it on your windowsill or an open place overnight for a good cleanse and recharge.


Sage is a sacred plant that can also clear negative vibrations from crystals and restore positive natural energies.

Bathe your jade in sage fumes for about one minute to recharge it.

Brown Rice

You can try putting your crystal items in a bowl of brown rice. Brown rice is not processed like other rice variations, so it’s more connected to nature.

For this reason, it works as a natural recharger for crystal stones.

How to Activate Black Jade

Activating black jade is similar to activating all other jade crystal types.

Follow the process:

  • Cleanse your crystal.
  • Let the stone dry for a few hours.
  • Set the jade under the moonlight on a full moon.
  • Take back the crystal in the dawn, and you’ll see fully activated jade.
  • You can also set positive intentions into it if you want. Hold it in your right hand and imagine it filled with positive power.

How to Use Black Jade

This stone has an intense, protective energy that can help deflect energy from sources of negativity and harm.

It also has a calming and grounding effect that helps deal with stressful situations and emotions.

Carrying a small black jade stone with you can effectively protect yourself from illness and other people’s negative feelings.

Keep one in your pocket or wear it as a jewelry piece; either way, it will provide ongoing protection.

Placing a crystal in your home or workplace can be a great way to protect yourself from people who want to take advantage of you or have hostile intentions.

It can also help to defuse any tense or unfavorable situations in the home.

Use the crystal to bring insight and clarity during meditation and dream work.

Place one on your forehead before you sleep to receive helpful dreams and release negative emotions and traumas.

Black Jade Metaphysical Specialities

More than any other reason, the stone is most cherished for its metaphysical properties.

It enhances the positivity of the body and soul and defends against all negative energies.


This crystal is an excellent stimulant for the root chakra. This chakra is the foundation of our spiritual and physical energy and can control our movement and overall feelings.

When the root chakra is out of balance, we tend to feel disconnected from reality, foggy, distant and flighty.

Using black jade on this chakra helps balance everything, so we can regain control over our mind and conscience.

And black jade can fix the root chakra to fight your low enthusiasm and energy.


Black jade is mainly associated with two zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra. It’s also good for Gemini and Aries.

Because Taurus symbolizes everything grounded, and this black crystal is also known for its grounding, strong nature, this jade is a traditional stone for the Taureans.

Black jade is also helpful for the Librans as they’re referred to as the most balanced sign.

This stone suits them well because it can balance our mental and physical well-being.


Black jade is associated with your root number. This crystal will be good for you if your numerology is 5 or 9.

Numerology number 5 represents feeling fresh, having high energy and adapting to different situations, similar to jade’s properties.

In the same way, numerology number 9 relates to the properties of this stone.

They both represent the higher stage of wisdom, transformation for the better, inner light, and so on.


Jade is said to be the stone for the planet Venus. For this reason, this stone influences Taurus and Libra, as Venus rules both.

Different Types of Jewelry with Black Jade

Many people wear black jade jewelry to keep this precious stone with them all the time.

This powerful healing stone is available in all types of designs:

Australian Black Nephrite Jade Pendant with Abalone

This beautiful pendant radiates sophistication with its exquisite finish. Contrasting with the stone’s black hue, the rainbow-like colors of the abalone shell at the bottom are sure to draw attention and make a lasting impression.

Natural Black Jade Necklace

This gorgeous jadeite necklace is sure to leave a lasting impression! Its modern, minimal design makes it perfect for both formal occasions and everyday wear—adding a touch of class to your look.

Black Burmese Jade Bangle

This gorgeous bangle features a modern sleek design and is sure to add a unique touch to any outfit.

With its beautiful Burmese jade showing internal whitish spots, this piece truly stands out.

Natural Black Jade Earring Studs

These stunning black jade studs are perfect for any occasion! Expertly cut and polished, they will become your go-to accessory no matter what your mood.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, they’re sure to take any outfit to the next level.

Natural Black Jade Open Ring

This beautiful ring features a black jade sitting on a silver-plated band.

You can wear it everywhere, thanks to its minimal modern look. Its open style band fits all sizes, which is a blessing for people with large or small fingers.

Use of Black Jade as a Crystal

Looking for the best ways to utilize the black jade stone’s properties? Use them in these shapes to get the best outcome.

Black Jade Crystal Tumbled Stone

Tumbled stones are great for meditation or holding when you feel stressed or anxious.

Cuddle the stones to get a hold of your emotions.

Heart-Shaped Black Nephrite Jade

Unlock the power of your heart chakra with a beautiful heart-shaped black jade stone.

Use it as a palm stone to allow the positive emotions to be released gently.

Black Nephrite Jade Polished Slab

The freeform style gives this stone many points for releasing energy. So, keep it in your home or workplace to discharge positive vibrations and prevent psychic attacks.

There are also other crystal shapes, each one having unique properties. No matter the structure, the stone will connect to both the natural world and spiritual world.

Only the way you’ll receive the energies will vary with the shapes.

Black Jade Sources

You can buy these crystals from Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Many reputable vendors sell genuine and imitation products.

If you want to buy from a company, check whether they promote ethical sourcing and production of the stone.

It means the company considers the environmental impact of mining and black jade production on the surrounding areas.

To ensure ethical and sustainable sourcing, brands should look into biodegradable packaging and fair wages for workers.

Black jade as a natural protective stone

Crystal healers consider black jade as a natural protective stone. However, science has not proven the purported benefits of black jade.

It’s worth noting though that if you do believe something will work, your physical body and emotional health can sometimes make it possible.

In psychology, this is known as the placebo effect. So, if you genuinely believe in spiritual power, using black jade could be beneficial, but you should never use it as a substitute for medicines or medical treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell if I am buying real jade?

If you see a green hue around the edges of the stone, it’s real jade. Also, natural jade feels cold to the touch and takes a while to warm up in your palm.

What is black jade good for?

Black jade is mainly known as the guardian stone, so it’s suitable for energetic protection against the intrusion of psychic entities, shadow self and negative emotions.

Is black jade rare?

Black jade is quite a rare gemstone, with several variations—meaning the price can vary depending on its source.

What does black jade mean in Chinese?

Black jade, known as “Hei Yu” in Chinese, represents power, protection, and good luck. It is highly valued and has been used in Chinese art, jewelry, and decorations for centuries.