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Unraveling the Alexandrite Stone Meaning and Lore

From its mesmerizing color-changing properties to its rich history, alexandrite is one of the rarest and most beautiful gemstones in the world.

With its lovely looks and deep ties to Russian royalty, alexandrite is a highly prized gem for collectors, jewelry makers and gemstone enthusiasts.

Alexandrite Pendant in Yellow Gold
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Have you ever wondered about alexandrite’s meaning? The answer may surprise you!

This beautiful crystal has a deep spiritual significance. It can be a powerful tool when used in meditation and energy work.

Let’s explore the history and meaning of alexandrite and the many ways it can be used to benefit your life.

Alexandrite’s Properties

This gemstone is a form of chrysoberyl, a type of mineral with a layered structure.

Its color pigments are due to traces of chromium and other elements. Alexandrite’s meaning lies in its properties, so let’s find out what they are.

Metaphysical Properties

This stone is an excellent cleanser of emotional issues, clearing them from the soul, body and spirit.

Like blue opal, its harmonious energy has been said to bring good luck in romance, family bondings, relationships and careers.

You can use alexandrite to inspire creativity and spiritual development by clearing old patterns and useless beliefs.

Moreover, this stone releases a powerful frequency to purge people of negative feelings.

So, it further boosts your determination and strong will, making the outcome even more promising.

Healing Properties

Some people believe alexandrite has excellent healing powers and can attract positive vibes from others.

It can treat various illnesses, chronic disorders and physical discomforts.

Alexandrite can be used as an additional accessory for treating cancer and neurological problems, enhancing protein digestion and improving the effects of chakra healing.

It also works as a painkiller to relieve arthritis, migraine, muscle and joint pains.

Moreover, it’s said that alexandrite strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation, which helps to heal wounds.

Grounding Properties

Alexandrite discharges grounding energy that can make you feel more grounded and secure.

It also acts as a great stress reliever, so you can use it to cope with any stress.

In a challenging situation, alexandrite helps to release negativity and provides clarity to make better decisions.

Because it can prevent nightmares and treat insomnia, many people use it to get good sleep.

Physical Properties

Alexandrite is incredibly strong because it has the same structure as beryl and emeralds.

On the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness, it receives an 8.5 rating out of 10.

The average density of the gemstone is 4.17 g/cm3.

Made of aluminum oxide, chromium and beryllium, this stone has a cyclic or hexagonal structure.

Its three beautiful pleochroic colors are purple-red, orange and green.

Alexandrite has a unique color-changing characteristic thanks to the presence of chromium in its structure.

For this reason, it’s called “ruby by night and emerald by day.” This stone emits an emerald green in daylight and purple-red under incandescent light.

Emotional Properties

Low self-esteem and indecision can leave a person emotionally incapable of making the right choices.

Alexandrite helps you shake off those negative feelings, making you feel empowered and connected to your true self.

This June birthstone can help you connect the old to the new to survive in our ever-changing world.

It’s believed that alexandrite can help us find our way through confusing situations, uproot old attachments and grow emotional maturity.

The Origin of Alexandrite Stones

Alexandrite’s history is intricately linked with Russian Prince Alexander II.

Some miners discovered the blue stone in a local emerald mine near the Ural Mountains in 1830.

It was named after the Prince because it was discovered on his birthday.

Alexandrite was later chosen as the national stone because it matched the old imperial Russian army colors.

Currently, these stones are also found in the mines of Brazil, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Madagascar, India and Vietnam.

It’s a rare gemstone because of limited resources across the world.

How Expensive Is Alexandrite?

Its ability to turn from a beautiful green to a deep reddish-purple has made it a sought-after gem for jewelry lovers worldwide.

Usually, 1-carat alexandrite costs around $15,000. However, the prices per carat for bigger stones can soar between $50,000 and $70,000!

Factors such as country of origin, clarity, size and color change also affect the pricing.

  • Low grade: This type of alexandrite shows slight color changes and costs around $2,000 per carat.
  • Medium grade: If the gemstone shows a more notable color change (50%), it’s considered medium grade. The price then shoots up from $5000 to $20,000 per carat.
  • High grade: Stones with the most notable color change (80-100%) are considered high grade and can cost above $20,000 per carat.

How to Tell If Alexandrite Is Real

There are numerous synthetic alexandrite stones in the market because the real ones are pricey.

So, the most reliable way to determine its authenticity is to consult a qualified gemologist.

However, you can determine the stone’s authenticity based on its color-changing property.

Natural alexandrite shows different colors depending on the light source.

The stone looks emerald green under fluorescent light and daylight. However, the color changes into a beautiful raspberry-red under dim or incandescent light sources.

Synthetic alexandrites display color changes too, but those are grayish blue, pink and sapphire.

How to Clean, Charge and Activate an Alexandrite Crystal

To enjoy the best properties of alexandrite, you need to give it a good clean and recharge.


Clean the stone in warm water with mild soap. If necessary, use a soft sponge or toothbrush to rub off excess dirt.

You can also use ultrasonic and steam cleaners for cleaning purposes.

Avoid harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures because they can damage the integrity and surface of the stone.


Charging the crystal is relatively easy. Put it under direct moonlight or sunlight, like charging a chevron amethyst and many other crystals.

Keep it overnight under moonlight or a few hours under sunlight to ensure a full charge.


You can understand alexandrite’s meaning and tap into its powerful energies by activating it.

It follows the same process as recharging it.

After that, you can set intentions into it or meditate with it by placing it on your third eye chakra.

How to Use Alexandrite

You may be wondering how to use alexandrite. Alexandrite is a gem used for jewelry, and many people like to use it as decoration because of its beauty.

Use as Jewelry

Alexandrite jewelry touches your skin and absorbs your soul’s negative energy.

Wearing it as a pendant keeps the heart chakra open and connected to the Universe.

You can wear alexandrite engagement rings, earrings or a bracelet that will beat against your pulse and fill you with positive power.

Use at Home and the Office

Keep this crystal in your office to bring you abundance and success. If you want a good vibe atmosphere in your home, place an alexandrite stone in the center of your home.

It will fill up the place with positive energy and make the wishes of its dwellers come true.

Alexandrite and Chakras, the Zodiacs and Planets

Alexandrite is mainly aligned with the heart, third-eye and crown chakras.

These chakras help build a solid spiritual connection to open other chakras and restore balance in your life.

Regarding the zodiac, it’s a June birthstone and a sign of Gemini. If your birthday is between the 21st of May and the 20th of June, you’re a Gemini.

It means you can unlock alexandrite’s meaning and positive power better than people under other zodiac signs.

Because of its color-changing ability, the crystal is connected to the planet Mercury.

For this reason, many poets and writers associate it with Hermes, the Greek equivalent of the Roman god Mercury.

Where to Get Alexandrite From

Any reputable jewelry shop has alexandrite jewelry and crystals. However, you should always double-check the reviews of the store you are buying from.

Never purchase from a dubious source or third-party seller. They could sell duplicates because the stone is rare and valuable.

With that in mind, you can buy synthetic alexandrite at low prices. Look into Etsy, Amazon and other online retail platforms to get one at a bargain price.

Different Types of Jewelry with Alexandrite

From earrings and necklaces to rings and bracelets, there are various ways to incorporate this beautiful gemstone into your jewelry collection.

Let’s look at some different types of jewelry with alexandrite.

Alexandrite Pendant Necklace For Women

Pendants are usually worn on the middle of the chest, so they open your heart chakra and give you peace of mind.

This stylish handmade pendant is unique and can be worn for any occasion.

Round Cut Alexandrite Pendant Necklace

Alexandrite healing properties are related to the heart. This is why many people wear it as a necklace to feel its energy.

If you want to feel the same way, wear this alexandrite necklace. This round 6.5mm necklace has been set in 14K white gold.

14K Gold Alexandrite Bangle

Bring some luck into your life with an alexandrite bangle. This is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, fiancee or friend.

With this heart-shaped 14k gold bracelet, she will feel special.

Green Purple Color Change Alexandrite Bracelet

Wear an alexandrite bracelet to empower your life with positive energy. This beautiful synthetic alexandrite bracelet changes its color between purple and green under different lighting.

Vintage Alexandrite Earrings

You can wear a pair of alexandrite earrings to bring new energy and inspiration into your life and manifest your desires into reality.

This beautiful pair of stud earrings looks stunning with any attire.

Use of Alexandrite as a Crystal

Crystal practitioners believe that using alexandrite in different shapes can bring various positive effects into our lives.


Alexandrite crystals have impacts on your physical, emotional and spiritual life.

This palm stone can subside your sorrows and balance your brain functions.


The solid form of the pyramid emits a stabilized, grounded energy like a blue sandstone.

For this reason, it helps immensely in meditation and healing. It connects the crown chakra with the root chakra, so it aids in uniting our hearts and minds with our higher spiritual self.


Freeform alexandrite has a great variety of shapes and it can be used for many different purposes, such as decoration pieces, crystal gazing and recharging yourself.


Many people believe alexandrite’s calming and soothing effects can help balance their physical and emotional energies.

But there is no scientific theory that explains alexandrite’s meaning, so, the use of this stone is a matter of personal preference.

We recommend you use it with traditional medical treatments, not as an alternative.

This gemstone has healing, spiritual and astrological powers. It balances your mental state and enhances energy flow through your body.

You can use alexandrite with other crystals, such as malachite, green aventurine and jade.

FAQs About Alexandrite’s Stone Meaning

What is alexandrite good for?

Many believe alexandrite can align all chakras when placed on your body. Others say the stone can bring pleasant energies into your life.

What does alexandrite symbolize?

Alexandrite symbolizes luck, prosperity, intellect, strength and courage.

Who should wear alexandrite?

People born in May and June should wear this gemstone because it’s related to their Gemini traits.

Is alexandrite an expensive stone?

Yes, it can be costly, and the bigger ones draw higher prices per carat than the smaller ones. It’s three times more expensive than diamonds.

Is Alexandrite suitable for an engagement ring?

This stone is perfect for engagement rings because it’s hard and doesn’t get scratched easily. Also, it brings love and happiness into your life.