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Top 11 November Birthstones: a Complete Purchase Guide

The Top 11 November Birthstones. The tradition of birthstones developed centuries ago, based on a connection between the stars and the things that happened to people.

In a particular month, certain stars appear in our night skies, others in the skies in other parts of the world.

So, if you wore certain stones when certain stars were in the sky where you lived, that would increase your fortune.

Hexagonal topaz ring
Image by Tiffany

Hexagonal topaz ring

These were birthstones. And since then, they have evolved to what they are now.

November either takes you into Winter or Summer, depending on where you live. It’s an incredible transitional passage.

The zodiac signs that apply to November are Scorpio (Oct. 24- Nov. 22) and Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21). These have their own stones—what a great conversation piece!

Birthstones for the calendar month of November are Topaz, Citrine, Pearl and Chrysoprase.

November birthstones for the zodiac signs of Scorpius (Scorpion, October 24–November 21) and Sagittarius (Archer, November 22–December 21) are Turquoise, Amethyst, Sapphire, Ruby, Beryl, Aquamarine and Garnet.

Discover everything you need to know about each month’s birthstone: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and December.

We’ll give you the basics on these stones, plus some great info you did not know.

1. Topaz

Ring and earrings with pink topaz
Jewelry gold set of ring and earrings with pink topaz on white background

Ring and earrings with pink topaz

Topaz is naturally very earthy, with yellow to golden brown tones; it does get treated regularly, which is why we find it in gray, red-orange, wine red and more.

Topaz’s biggest source is Brazil, but it’s abundantly found in locales such as Namibia, Russia, and Pakistan.

Topaz white gold bracelet
Image by Irina Kendrick via Shutterstock

Topaz white gold bracelet

This gemstone really shines when used in earrings and necklaces.

For some history, in India, folks felt that wearing Topaz above the heart assured beauty, intelligence, and long life.

2. November Birthstones: Pearls

Golden south sea pearl earring
Image via America pearl

Golden south sea pearl earring

A pearl is an amazing glistening beauty produced in the soft tissue of a mollusk or similar creature.

Like a mollusk’s shell, a pearl is made of calcium carbonate, deposited in concentric layers.

It’s hard to find an object with greater fragile beauty than the pearl, and the story of how it is made is eternally-breathtaking.

Luster is one of the calling cards of the pearl. The higher the luster, the more valued the pearl. It’s determined by the shape and structure of the pearl.

Because a pearl is like a curved mirror, the light rays it reflects seem to actually originate within it!

Layers of nacreous crystals in the pearl go from translucent to transparent; when light rays strike the pearl’s surface, they penetrate it and reflect off the nacre, creating a radiant glow.

Golden yellow cultured south sea pearl necklace
Image by Tanhauzer via Shutterstock

Golden yellow cultured south sea pearl necklace

Pearls date back to 2,200 BC in China and have been prized gemstones ever since.

Because of their shape and color, pearls have long been associated with the moon.

Pearls promote centeredness and calm in the wearer; they symbolize faith and purity.

3. Citrine

Citrine serpent boheme ring
Image via Boucheron – citrine serpent boheme ring

Citrine serpent boheme ring

Citrine is just a humbly pretty form of quartz, with its various shades of orange and yellow. It’s incredible for the outfits you’d be wearing in autumn, and can really set off a darker dress in a great way. It’s definitely a stone for jeans at a casual gathering.

Naomie Harris sported a citrine on the red carpet at the 2013 Oscars.

Oval cut citrine on white background 3d illustration
Image by DiamondGalaxy via Shutterstock

Oval cut citrine on white background 3d illustration

Citrine comes in very handy for wearers, encouraging self-expression and upping self-esteem. It also fosters success and wealth.

4. Chrysoprase

Diamond chrysoprase drop earring
Image by Chopard

Diamond chrysoprase drop earring

This pretty stone with the frustrating name is called the stone of Venus.

It was used by Romans and Greeks for those cool rings used to sign documents, and for flags, seals, and jewelry.

Alexander III (not to be confused with Alexander the Great) once wore a girdle studded with chrysoprase into battle. He won the battle.

Then, while bathing in a river, he took off the girdle and set it at the banks. A serpent slithered along and stole the girdle. Alexander III never won another battle!

Chryospase encourages open and accepting attitudes and a lack of judgment.

This November birthstone helps help a person’s self-esteem and emotional states.

Those are the birthstones for the calendar month of November. We will now go into stones for the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

5. November Birthstones: Turquoise

Hamsa necklace in silver and turquoise
Image by Henrykajewellery via Etsy

Hamsa necklace in silver and turquoise

This November birthstone has been thought of as giving protection for many centuries, in several cultures.

It has long been paced in saddles and other horse equipment to keep the rider from falling. Aztecs made offerings of Turquoise to the goddess Matlacueye.

A Spanish conquistador made the claim that the Aztecs valued this birthstone more than the Spanish valued gold.

Now, that’s saying a lot!

Vintage turquoise earring
vntage turquoise earrings on white background

Vintage turquoise earring

Setting turquoise in silver is common in the U.S., but setting the stone in gold is more common in the Middle East.

Turquoise helps with feelings of self-realization and brings calm.

It is perfect for people are prone to worry or anxiety.

6. November Birthstones: Amethyst

Purple amethyst necklace
Image by Daniquejewelry

Purple amethyst necklace

Amethyst is one of the go-to stones for anyone who wants to collect jewelry in all shades of purple.

It has such a luminous and vivid color, reflecting quite a bit of light, that it’s a must-have to complement all sorts of outfits.

Depending on the polish or size of a cabochon, an amethyst pendant or ring can either brighten up a white or gray outfit, accent a black one, or be right at home with a variety of earthy tones in a casual ensemble.

Sterling silver and prasiolite aka green amethyst double pendant
Image by Nickscabinet via Etsy

Sterling silver and prasiolite aka green amethyst double pendant

Amethyst started off as a cardinal gem, right up there with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. They were rare and highly sought-after, not found in many places on earth.

Then, enormous mines were found in Brazil, making Amethyst easier to come by, but no less gorgeous.

One can find a particular type of banded Amethysts, which have V shaped bands called chevrons.

These markings gives the stones a ton of character.

7. November Birthstone: Sapphire

Blue sapphire gemstone isolated on white tazanite
Image by STUDIO492 via Shutterstock

Blue sapphire gemstone isolated on white tazanite

Just that name: Saff-fiiiiiire. Sure, it sounds like it should be red (there are some red sapphires), but it’s still a word that sounds like something as brutally elegant as a sapphire stone.

One of the thing that makes a sapphire most valued and revered is its saturation, or the vividness of its color.

Stones that have gray tones.

Those more saturated are a medium blue, and those with vivid saturation are not just a bit dark but also sparkling.

Diamond sapphire bracelet on young wome
Diamond sapphire bracelet on young women

Diamond sapphire bracelet on young woman

Centuries ago, kings wore sapphires around their necks for protection.

The Cingalese believed Sapphire was the best security against witchcraft.

Who knows how well it worked, but there’s one way to test it out today!

8. Ruby

Ruby ring
Image by Tiffany

Ruby ring

Traces of chromium color the corundum that is the base of this mineral are what give it that iconic red color!

Anytime you wear simple outfits of white, black, even red, whatever ruby jewelry you have will kick it up a few notches.

Ruby symbolizes our most intense emotions—love and passion, anger and euphoria.

Ancient cultures valued rubies for the connection the blood that flowed through them—the very force of life

Ruby is one of the most historically-significant gemstones. Rubies appear four times in the Bible, evoking beauty and wisdom. In Sanskrit, ruby is called ratnaraj, or “king of precious stones.”

9. November Birthstones: Beryl

Golden beryl heliodor stone on white background
Image via Marketsquarejewelers

Golden beryl heliodor stone on white background

Beryl is a category of gemstone but is still classified the same way a single gem is.

Stones in this group come in a wide range of colors and appearances.

They have some very complex appearances to them, including a range of inclusions that make some of the gemstones look studded, cross-hashed, filled with diamond-shaped streaks of color.

Pear cut golden beryl pendant
Image by Ohkuol via Etsy

Pear cut golden beryl pendant

The varieties of beryl are aquamarine, heliodor, emerald, and red beryl, so if you red descriptions of those gems, you’ll have a handle on beryl.

10. November Birthstone: Aquamarine

High jewelry fauna and flora bracelet aquamarine
Image via Cartier

High jewelry fauna and flora bracelet aquamarine

This November gemstone is a type of Beryl. It is treasured for its transparency and clarity.

t can be found in a few shades of blue, not just the turquoise shade we associate with aquamarine.

This versatile stone compliments almost all eye colors and skin colors.

Aquamarine earrings
Image via Tiffany

Aquamarine earrings

Going back a couple hundred years, aquamarine was frequently used as a talisman against danger.

Further, it helps to calm and soothe the wearer, and exhibits anti-aging properties.

11. November Birthstones: Garnet

Yellow garnet andradite mali
Image by GemSparkling via Etsy

Yellow garnet andradite mali

Garnet is a variety of stones. One thing all garnets have in common is their loveliness.

They are largely known for their rich and sassy purplish and red hues.

Yet you can also find garnets in colors such as ranging as far as green and yellow.

Garnets are awesome for faceting and cutting into cabochons.

Some common shapes are: oval, radiant, triangle, marquise, and pear.

Serpent boheme bracelet rhodolite garnet
Image via Boucheron

Serpent boheme bracelet rhodolite garnet

Garnet can be a great accessory for everyday fashions.

Some of the most interesting and unique gemstones are the chosen birthstones for November.

They really remind us of just how fascinating is the forming of these gemstones, how rich their history is, and how wearing them can tie you to amazing stories of yesteryear.

Discover everything you need to know about each month’s birthstone: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and December.