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7 Angel Number Meaning (Life, Love, Twin Flame, Career)

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What’s Angel Number 7 meaning?

Who among us doesn’t wish we had someone watching over us, maybe giving us a hand when we need it?

Well, according to many experts, our guardian angels do that very thing by communicating to us through numbers!

Card game hand with three cards all sevens

How wonderful. Now, while a lot of people think of the integer 7 as “lucky number 7,” it is also an Angel Number, with messages to us that pertain to a wide range of valid events in our lives.

We will explore all these interesting phenomena below.

Angel Number 7 and Its Meaning

Angel number 7 meaning: Box of 7 black socks one for each day

Not all numbers are angel numbers. In fact, a small percentage are. Not only is 7 a prime number, but it inherently refers to repetition, as in the 7th day of the week.

Every week, there it is again! These are the kind of things that qualify a number as an angel number (many angel numbers are repeated numbers, such as 11, 55, etc…).

Now, an angel number is also a number that, if seen repeatedly (maybe on shop signs, jersey numbers, product packages) means you are receiving communication from your guardian angels.

House number 7

In terms of Angel Number 7, the message you’re receiving has to do with spiritual enlightenment, spiritual practice and spiritual development.

Now, this development is gotten through your self-awareness, wisdom, and intuition.

If you didn’t have these great traits, it isn’t likely that you’d see Angel Number 7 very often.

Angel Number 7 and Its Symbolism

Angel number 7 meaning: Ambition

There is plenty of symbolism in the Angel Number 7. That is how it functions.

Its vibrations respond to various energies in the spiritual world and that makes up the meaning of 7 Angel Number.

For example, it symbolizes the things that are to you ideal, what you’d achieve when your spirit, heart, and physical vehicle are all in alignment.

It symbolizes the realization of your talents and life desires. Therefore, the Angel Number 7 meaning is that you should continue down the road you’re on, since it’s the right path for your life.

Another part of the symbolism of this great number is that you have made good decisions in the past, meaning that, according to the Angel Number 7 meaning, you are in for some wonderful success in the future.

Be Best written on brick wall

Now, keep in mind that the Angel Number 7 is being placed before your eyes to lovingly encourage you to develop new and more advanced skills and proficiencies.

Doing so will bring you success and will help you reach out to others, making the world a more spiritual place.

Finally, the symbolism behind Angel Number 7 means that you possess qualities like tenacity, diligence, and patience.

You are resilient and can go from setbacks to further success by not letting the disappointments get to you.

Keep up the great work!

What Does it Mean When I See Angel Number 7?

Angel number 7 meaning: Ronaldo number 7

That’s a great question! There’s no question that angel numbers are all about communication.

Have you ever wondered why a special someone hasn’t called? Have you ever longed for a text?

Well, if you’re seeing Angel Number 7, it means that your guardian angel isn’t keeping you waiting.

The angel sees so much wonderful promise in you and is saying “hey, hang in there. Keep doing what you’re doing, and your efforts will pay off even more!

House number 7 white on blue background

Seeing this number appears also shows you’re a lucky person who’ll experience ample opportunities to pursue truth and to get the answers to life’s mysteries.

You’re being tipped off to put a lot of time into self-discovery and self-knowledge.

Let’s break it down just a bit more. Did you know that so many problems in life come from the modern world cluttering our minds and covering up our inner beauty?

Angel number 7 meaning: Laundry drying outdoor - house number 7

Being aware of this is Angel Number 7 meaning for you.

  • Strength- This comes from within. It is what helps you on you major challenges
  • Support- So much of Angel numbers is really relevant to the idea of help and backup. It’s all about you being in the drivers’ seat but knowing that you have support–of a most divine nature–when you need it. What could be more grand?
  • Enlightenment- All people have a certain path or road to enlightenment. Seeing Angel Number 7 doesn’t mean that life won’t throw obstacles in your path, only that your special strength will see you through! Enlightenment means knowing what’s important and what isn’t, blocking out all ill-advised wants and needs, and not clinging to a permanence that isn’t really there.

Angel Number 7 Meaning in Your Life’s Work

A person’s life work might be connected to his or her career or it might be a larger mission.

Angel number 7 meaning: Young Entrepreneur Freelancer Working Using A Laptop In Coworking space

It could involve environmental work, feeding the poor, making sure everyone has adequate crystals for healing, spreading the truth of numerology, etc.

Your life’s work is what makes you feel most connected to the universe.

When you have a holy mission and are trying to set a positive example with your inner wisdom, it might seem like a struggle at times.

After all, a life’s work might take your whole life to accomplish. What Angel Number 7 is meaning in this case is that you are to remember just how diligent you are, what a hard worker you are, and how successful you’re destined to be.

The number is there to keep you confident and to remind you of your own spiritual practice, which is the thing that will truly get you through.

Significance of Angel Number 7

Trolley #7 Barcelona, Spain

There’s so much historical significance in the integer 7. So much of this pertains to God and to connecting with the universe.

One should know that, historically, number 7 meant unity between God and the universe.

In fact, Hippocrates, the famed Greek doctor and philosopher, believed that the universe had 7 secrets, which, together, created harmony.

That is why the importance of Angel Number 7 is that it will help you find important answers during your life.

Vintage home number made of stone on a brick wall.

It is very special to be connected to that number, since that means you’re connected with so much more!

Further, the meaning of Angel Number 7 is that if you have strife or heartache in your life, you’ll get the inner strength to fight it off.

Peace will come over you and help you.

Tarot de Marseille and Angel Number 7

Angel number 7 meaning: Tarot de Marseille Card number 7 Le Chariot

No doubt, you’re experienced with tarot and the special meaning of these magic cards. But let’s expand our horizons a bit with a particular tarot deck, The Tarot de Marseille.

Marseille is a port city in Southern France, a lovely city. The Tarot de Marseille was developed centuries ago and has now been restored in a modern version.

One major category of Tarot card is the Major Arcana. After that, there are four of what we might call suits, “coins,” “cups,” “swords,” and “wands.”

House number 7 sign

In terms of Major Arcana, number 7 is the chariot. Here’s the significance of the chariot.

Well, it points to a triumphant sense of freedom, almost like one would get if greeted as a heroine.

This awesome chariot also acknowledges you for your big achievements, serving as a sign of accomplishment.

Angel Number 7 Meaning: Ask Doreen Virtue

A lone dingy sits in the harbor

Spiritualist Doreen Virtue sure does know a lot about Angel Numbers. As for Angel Number 7 meaning, Virtue states this number delivers magic via a unique energy.

It’s just wonderful if you spy this angel number, since the number can really help in key areas in your life.

For one example, the message from Angel Number 7 can help you cope with crises or setbacks.

Despite hard times, never forget that you are blessed with the love of your guardian angels.

One of the main themes we’re exploring together is the importance of a positive outlook.

Exhibiting fortitude through ups and downs is an important character builder.

Angel Number 7 plus the Law of Attraction

Angel number 7 meaning: Twin Women with Afro Hair

The Angel of Number 7 meaning is all about self-awareness, wisdom, and intuition. If you didn’t have these great traits, it isn’t likely that you’ll see Angel Number 7 anyway.

Well, there is a lot of success to be had for people who have these traits.

Intuition is what leads people to make some people make amazing decisions that other people wouldn’t.

This is how one goes beyond being a basic wage-earner and really do something awesome.

Card game hand with three cards all sevens

Wisdom allows you to keep listening to the angels, and self-awareness tells you when it’s time to do so.

When you start to take steps on your own, you will reap the benefits of the Law of Attraction.

Whether it’s your guardian angels or “the universe,” but positive energies you’re putting out there will attract other positivity.

It can be people, businesses, opportunities–whatever it is, these indicators of success are drawn to people who seem ready to accept them.

The Numerology of Angel Number 7

Angel number 7 meaning: Lucky #7

The number 7, in terms of numerology, signifies fullness in one’s life. That originates from Israelite culture thousands of years ago.

You see, in the original Hebrew, “seven” is spelled with the same consonants that spell “fullness.”

It is also, not to be overlooked, the number of perfection. It certainly is at least important in the Bible.

There’s no question about that–but we’ll look into all of that a bit later.

Other numerological properties of number 7 are that it’s associated with traits such as curiosity, spirituality, and devotion.

Angel Number 7 Meaning for your Finances

drawing a hopscotch game on a floor with dollar signs

If you’re seeing the number 7 quite a lot, it’s a really good sign that some money is going to be coming you way.

Now, it probably won’t fall out of the sky, but it can come from places that you may not have anticipated.

You might find opportunities based on your intuition and wisdom. The number is coming to you to encourage you to keep on keepin’ on, with the promise that something good is underway.

Just in case you are having financial trouble of any kind, Angel Number 7 is there to give you the heads up that relief is on the way and that it will get better!

Angel Number 7 Meaning in the Bible

Close-up of Bible Opened on Psalm 23 and pointing finger

Did you know that the number 7 appears more than 600 times in the Bible? It sure seems like a favored number!

One of the verses that really illustrates this is Matthew 18:22 in which Jesus says that Peter should forgive his brother seventy times seven times, showing just how important forgiveness is for people seeking eternal life, and doing so with the all-important number 7.

It’s also important to note that in the book of Revelations, number 7 populates the spiritual realm very thoroughly.

There are 7 trumpets, 7 golden bowls, 7 churches, 7 seals, and yes, 7 angels!

Angel number 7 meaning: Number 7 on house wall

Oh, what perfection is the number 7.

We know, of course, that on the 7th day, God rested after created mankind.

Further, Egypt endured seven years of famine and seven of prosperity. There is no question that the Angel Number 7 meaning threads throughout the Bible and is given its meaning through it.

If the Bible isn’t your preferred text, you can see throughout this article that it has so much spiritual meaning from many diverse sources.

The Romance of Angel Number 7

Loving Couple face to face at outdoor during sunset

The Angel Number 7 meaning for your romantic life is almost certainly very possible.

Noticing this number means you’re on the cusp of a new beginning, one that will involve affection and support that all of us need.

Once you get into such new circumstances, it’s best to keep an open mind, since new situations can also be a bit bewildering at first.

The best course of action is to build a faithful and trusting relationship.

Table Number 7
Image by Marc Schadegg via Unsplash

This can be done by you and your partner striving together and being there for each other in any event.

Remember, the messages you’re getting from your angels is that they will be with you, on your side, to help you through.

I don’t know what can be any better than that?

Number 7 and Twin Flame

Group Non Binary People Hugging

A twin flame is someone who has a twin future with you and with whom you have a fiery passion and connection.

Thus, your twin flame isn’t necessarily your soulmate. Instead, he or she shares some traits, those your angels value.

Your twin flame is one you can depend on, since she knows, intimately, your emotions and thoughts.

With this kind of companionship, you’ll experience emotions that are new, and as a result your love life will acquire a whole new meaning.

Is 7 a Lucky Number?

Classic Slot machine number 7

That’s a very interesting question. It’s hard to know what “lucky” means.

It is unclear if placing a bet on number 7 or using it as a lucky charm will automatically help you.

However, we can say with confidence that if you are seeing Angel Number 7, that is a positive sign.

But as we’ve outlined throughout this article and never tire of repeating, Angel Number 7 alerts you of times that might be favorable to you so you know that if you take a chance, it’s likely to be rewarded.

If that’s luck, then 7 is a lucky number, but it’s truly an Angel Number, and the work to make the change is yours.

Number 7 as Life Path Number

Garden path

If something is your life path number, that’s kind of an important fact, right?

Well, how do you know your your life path number.

First, take your date of birth, in month-day-year format: May 9, 1976 would be 05/09/1976.

Go through the mathematical process of reducing a number. May is 5, 9 is 9, and 1976, reduced, is 23, which in turn, reduced, is 5.

You then add them up : 5 + 9 + 5= 19. So 19 would be your life path number. Reducing one more time gives you 1+9=10, then 1+0=1.

Hole #7

Your right life path number would be noted 19/1!

(If, for example, you were born December 13, 1989, 7 would be your life path number, but it of course applies to other birth dates too).

Having 7 as your life path number means you are an idealist and perfectionist.

As such, you’re working hard toward finding great wisdom in this world.

Celebrities with this life path number include Johnny Depp, Bruce Lee, Kiera Knightley, and Hugh Grant.

Number 7 in Pop Culture

Movie poster 7 brides for 7 brothers

Some musicians and writers and other creators have some spiritual practice in their lives, often after some spiritual awakening, aiming at developing their very own spirituality.

Folks in this category like to put parts of this into their art. That is why number seven comes up in so many songs, and movies.

  • In music, the artist formerly known as Prince included a song named “Seven” in his 1992 album known as The Love Symbol album.
  • R. E. M.’s 1984 classic “Reckoning” includes the song 7 Chinese Bros.
  • There is the Duran Duran album “Seven and the Ragged Tiger.”
  • In movies and TV, you have Seven Psychopaths, The Magnificent Seven, 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
  • In the 1957 British TV series The Prisoner, the opening sequence featured a Lotus Series 7.

Finally, December 7, 1891 is the birthday of the fictional Vito Corleone of the movies The Godfather.

Retro Table Alarm Clock marking 7

Facts About Number 7

The Christian tradition has 7 Deadly Sins: lust, pride, sloth, wrath, gluttony, greed, and envy.

  • How many continents are there on Earth? That’s right, seven!
  • In some areas of Europe, people believe cats have seven lives, not nine.
  • There are seven colors in the rainbow!
  • Our skin cells are regenerated every 7 days.
  • Mammals have 7 external orifices.

Angel Number 7 FAQ

What Does Number 7 Mean Spiritually?

Number 7 means that your guardian angels are communicating with you to let you know that you’re doing a great job in life and should continue.

What Does Number 7 Symbolize

Number 7 symbolizes tenacity, diligence, and patience.

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