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Angel Number 655 Meaning (Love, Soulmate, Career+ More!)

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What’s angel number 655 meaning?

What is all this hype about Angel Numbers?

Why are you hearing celebs and writers and many of your friends talking about numbers and vibrations?

Angel number 655 meaning: 655 street number

Sometimes it seems like there are just so many competing theories out there, and you’ll never know what’s true and what’s not unless you check it out for yourself.

You know that–that’s why you’re here to learn the true meaning of Angel Number 655.

So let’s dig in.

The Meaning of Angel Number 655

Angel numbers are messages from guardian angels, which is, of course, where they get their name.

Angels cannot communicate with us through traditional means, so they use numbers.

When you say an angel number repeatedly, you’re being told something. In the case of 655, is all about change.

This change can be professional, personal, or health-related.

Now, change can be fun and exciting, so in addition to being a warning, the appearance of Angel Number 655 can be exciting.

But we should say that it’s a lot more than that. When your angels communicate with you the meaning of Angel Number 655, they are telling you that you have what it takes to go through these changes successfully.

Not only is that true, but the number is there to show you the angels are there to hold your hand as you adapt to new life moments!

If you didn’t have adaptability and versatility, you wouldn’t be seeing this number.

But these wonderful traits of yours might be tested by the changes to your professional or personal life.

Angel number 655 meaning: alarm clock showing 655 am

What is the Symbolism of Angel Number 655?

Say you see 65, 55, and 655 on posters, restaurant bills, your child’s homework, etc?

So what? Coincidence, right? Well, according to angelologists and numerologists, a major angel number 655 meaning is that your angels want you to stay strong.

Many forces are working in your life. While some of these are friendly, some can lead to tough times and can bring emotional harm to you.

Therefore, your angels are tipping you off about oncoming negative factors.

It’s no small thing to receive a heads-up from the divine realm. As a recipient, you should definitely show appreciation with a positive outlook, one that strives to use this message to its full extent.

What does this mean? Well, it’s probably time to make some adjustments in your life.

The first thing to do is to think about what efforts you may be making. What are you doing to further your career?

Are your relationships with your family what they could be? Are you putting enough into these?

What about your romantic partner?

Keep in mind that putting forth some effort into these aspects of your life will do more than just fix problems.

The Angel Number 655 meaning is that positive changes will come from your efforts.

You’re seeing the number because you’re at a time that is primed for success, where earnest effort will go a long way.

655 Hopes Building Los Angeles

What if I see Angel Number 655 Everywhere?

Angel number 655 serves as a sign from the universe to be careful and smart about your future.

One thing this can mean is that you may wish to avoid or shun people who have negative energy.

Don’t put your trust into folks who wish to drag you down. This is due to the fact that you’re on your way to some big changes and big opportunities on the way.

You need all the positive energy you can muster.

Your guardians are urging you to be as positive as possible and to celebrate the personal freedom that these changes will bring.

Angel number 655 meaning: Ontario 655 car plate

What Does 655 Mean For Your Finances?

If big changes are underfoot, and if your angels are going to be helping you, that could mean positive things for your finances.

Well, that could turn out to be true, but it’s probably mostly up to you. In fact, it’s very likely that this Angel Number will appear when you’ve lapsed into financial trouble.

In this way, what it means to see this number is that you’re getting a very important message.

Your angels are giving you a warning, not only about your fiscal life, but about the impact of financial trouble is having on your emotional life and on those around you.

But the number is there only for people who have the inner strength to pull out of this trouble, which will bring much-needed stability to you.

Angel number 655 meaning: bus line 655

This will require some difficult decisions regarding your finances, and probably an incredible amount of hard work.

It will be very helpful to set goals while also keeping your eyes on a larger prize.

When seeing this number, you may wish to make some investments, perhaps some that have some risk with relatively high rewards.

Angel Number 655 in Tarot

Tarot is often traced back to roughly the end of the 14th century. It’s a system that is meant to divine the future, even if some people take it to be more of a novelty.

There isn’t a 655 in the Tarot, but there is a 6 and a 5, so we’ll take a look at the significance of these.

They can shed some light on Angel Number 655 meaning.

As for 6, it is known as The Lovers. It mostly symbolizes overcoming trials, physical beauty, love, and attraction.

It also depicts a person’s sojourn toward harmony.

Number 5 in Tarot is called the Hierophant, a priest who receives messages from divine realms.

It’s all about inspiration and goodness, but also servitude and captivity, along with alliance.

One other thing to add is that if you deconstruct the number 655 and get the sum of all the numbers (6 + 5 + 5+) you get 16.

If you then add the 1 and the 6 (of 16) you get 7, which means that we need to look at Tarot number 7.

Tarot number 7 is the chariot, which deals with triumph and war, and when reversed, dispute and defeat.

Angel number 655: Virginia 655 car plate

Angel Number 655 and Twin Flames

You might be asking yourself what twin flames are and how they relate to Angel Number 655.

We are here to answer your questions: a consensus definition of twin flames is that they are a soul that has been split in two.

Well that sounds awful. But, to the rescue comes twin flame numbers. Numbers are twin flame numbers if they are made up entirely of or partially of repeated numbers.

So the twin 5’s, 55, makes 655 a Twin Flame number.

The awesome good news here is that what 55 represents is the two souls being reunited.

With a reunited soul, one can approach brand new challenges with the necessary optimism.

What is the Significance of Angel Number 655?

There’s no doubt that Angel Number 655 has incredible significance, fueled by a broad array of symbolism and by its place in so many mythologies and constructs.

It is a big number in Christianity and in Tarot and in numerology. Its place as a twin flame number certainly makes it a very important number.

But because it’s an angel number, it has automatic import, since it is giving us key messages from our guardian angels.

What could be more important than communication from on high? We know that life is surprising, and most people would tell you that there’s nothing you can do about this but just let things happen.

However, the main Angel Number 655 meaning is a warning of exciting and unpredictable times ahead.

It serves as an inner voice and lets us gear up for major changes that will have a very real impact on our material life.

Angel Number 655 Meaning and the Bible

Christianity is the chief religion in the Western world. While Islam dominates in the Middle East, Christianity is the main religion in much of Europe, most of South America, Australia, and America.

Christianity as a religion began when, according to the mythology, Jesus came to Earth as a human being.

After his crucifixion, he was resurrected and later went back to Heaven.

All of this is written in The Bible, the main book of Christianity.

The question before us is how important are the digits 6, 5, and 55 in the Bible?

Number 6

Well number 6, which was the day on which God made man (the 6th day, before he rested), is thought of as being shy of perfection (the number 7), just as man is.

Through God’s grace, man can reach perfection. The story of Joshua has many important references to our Angel Number 6.

Joshua’s story, for starters, comes to us in the 6th chapter of the book. Anyway, God taught Joshua a clever way to bring down the city of Jericho, which was to march around it once a day for six days, thus weakening its walls.

On the seventh day the blast of the trumpets took down the weakened structure of the city!

Number 5

Well, as for the other number that comprosis the Angel Number 655 meaning, 5, it also has great significance in “the good book.”

Number 5 is mentioned no less than 318 times in The Bible. I mean, that sure is a lot, right?

But what does it symbolize? Well, it is a numerical symbol for God’s grace and his generosity toward humans.

For example, God accepts 5 primary types of offering from mankind: burned, sin, trespass, grain, and peace.

Now, in Exodus, we are told of a tabernacle in the wilderness. It had five curtains, sockets, pillars, and bars; the main altar is five cubits in both length and width.

There’s also a court inside the tabernacle that is five cubits in height. Could that be a coincidence?

Not likely.

Number 55

But what about the meaning of the number 55? Is that just nothing at all?

Absolutely not. Oh, there sure is plenty of significance to this number! Think about this: Manasseh’s reign as king lasted.

. . . that’s right, 55 years! Manasseh sure was an evil king who rebuilt pagan altars that had been razed by his dad, and he also caused innocent bloodshed.

But what Psalm 55? Well, it’s a very poetic and lovely verse written by King David.

David cries out to God that wicked people are casting mischief on him, and he says that only God can save him.

Isn’t it interesting that Angel Numbers and numbers that appear the most frequently in the Bible are the same numbers?

Can that be a coincidence? You be the judge. But we know that angel numbers are messages from angels.

Many times in The Bible angels act as messengers. The connection is that we now see how they communicate with us via Angel Numbers.

What Does Angel Number 655 say about your Romantic Life?

655 Angel number is full of notifications concerning your love life. It is there to tell you a lot about how lucky in love you are.

It shows you, even if you may have known this already, that you are the kind of person to be a good romantic partner, due to your loyal and caring nature.

Remember that Angel Number 655 generally means change and movement. This dovetails with your nature as someone who may experience quite a few relationships before feeling you have the right person and are ready to settle down.

One thing your guardian angels are giving you a friendly nudge about is that when you see Angel Number 655, you’re on your way to a place where it makes more sense to commit to a longterm relationship.

From there, you’ll experience a rich family life. Indications are you’ll be a fun yet responsible parent.

Your loyalty will really shine at this point. That’s just one facet of the Angel Number 655 meaning.

But what about folks who aren’t yet in a relationship? Well Angel Number 655 is there to nudge you in the right direction.

It’s time to get out there! Remember, big changes are ahead. How is that not exciting and inspiring at the same time?

Angel Number 655 and the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction operates like so: when a person is optimistic and expecting success, success is attracted to them and comes to them.

So it shouldn’t be hard to recognize how this law relates to Angel Number 655.

The spiritual meaning of Angel Number 655 suggests you have the inner strength and the passion to approach the changes on the way.

The new adventures in store are an opportunity to achieve the important goals you’ve made in your life.

To get the most out of the law of attraction and the Angel Number 655 meaning, it’s best to cleanse your thoughts of negativity and to picture only success.

This will put the law of attraction into motion for you in a wonderful way.

Angel Number 655 and your Career

Not only do angel numbers give us warnings but they also give us advice. They’re not always there just to say that you’re doing great or that you’re going to be doing greater.

Sometimes the Angel Number 655 meaning is that you need to change course just a bit, and that’s never more true than with messages pertaining to your career.

On the one hand, the Angel Number 655 may be there to say that if you hit the gas pedal a bit, you may be rewarded.

However, many recipients of the number report a different experience. It can also be the case that the number appears to nudge you that your work-life balance isn’t ideal.

You may be taking a good and important job and letting it rule you. Your job is key, but it shouldn’t rob your time and your energies and your personal freedoms.

Angel Number 655 and Numerology

Since numerology is the study of numbers and their meaning, it’s very possible that it has something to say about Angel Number 655.

The angel number 655 derives its meaning from the sum of the vibrations from numbers 5 and 6.

Both 5 and 6 are high-energy numbers. It’s important to really groove on this to comprehend the 655 angel number meaning.

Number 5’s vibrations indicate versatility, adaptability, creativity, and life wisdom.

A person with this number is more likely to give professional advice than to seek it.

Number 6 represents graciousness, responsibility, reliability, and the resolve to overcome obstacles.

It encourages a person to exercise great willpower to forge solutions to problems in life and to eventually achieve full spiritual enlightenment.

556, 655 in Reverse

Did you know that there can be reverse numbers? Oh yes. So what does diabolical 556 mean?

Well it shows that no man or woman is an island. Therefore, reach out to people in your life, be sensitive to their needs and what they are doing, and be ready to adapt.

That’s what happens when you take angel number 655 meaning and turn it around backwards.

What Would Doreen Virtue Do with Angel Number 655?

Doreen Virtue is a clairvoyant, so listen up. She sure knows a lot about angel numbers.

What she tells us about 655 is that those who are spying this number are primed to live a life bursting with gratitude.

If you recall the law of attraction, that makes this advice even more pertinent.

Sure, it isn’t easy to emphasize gratitude. Yet, gratitude will end up being its own reward, and that’s something you’ll have to live to comprehend.

Angel Number 655 in Movies and Pop Culture

Numbers like 7 and 13 appear a lot in pop culture. Random bigger numbers like 655, not so much.

However, we’ll still spend some time walking you through what references there are.

Did you know that there was a TV series from 1982-83 called “6:55 Special”? Yep.

If you’re interested in just the number 55 in pop culture, there’s the song “I Can’t Drive 55” by the Red Rocker, Sammy Haggar.

Let’s not forget the movie 55 Days at Peking starring Charlton Heston.

It’s probably not a coincidence that “Heston” contains 6 letters.

Angel Number 655 FAQ

Is Angel Number 655 a lucky number?

It is absolutely lucky in the sense that it involves your guardian angel talking to you.

It gives you valuable warnings about things to come, so you can act.