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55 Angel Number Meaning – Twin Flame, Career, Love + More

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What is angel number 55 meaning?

Angel numbers are those that are put in our path by our guardian angels. They are message numbers, meant to show us that we are in a place where good things can happen if you take the initiative.

Number 55 sign

We’re going to look at the meaning of angel number 55, covering it from all angles! (and perhaps from all angels too).

Angel Number 55 Meaning in Angel Numbers

Angels cannot communicate with us through simple language or by (except for rare exceptions) appearing to us.

You’ve heard the expression “the Lord works in mysterious ways.” Well, angels, and angel numbers are one way they do this.

Most angel numbers either have repeat digits (22, 11, etc. ) or other obvious numerical patterns.

As for Angel Number 55’s meaning, we have to look at the single number 5. What number 5 is all about is the window of opportunity.

You should drive at 55 mph road sign

It corresponds to the idea of times of energy in our lives that will help us do great things if we take advantage of the window.

Now, in terms of 55 per se, one of the big messages it has for us is to remain positive.

Positive energy is the right thing for achieving the things we need to achieve.

Doing so often means entering into a life phase in which you are taking reasonable risks, like challenging yourself in a business or career, or even in a relationship.

Angel number 55 meaning: Number 55

When you do these exciting things, there may be some tough times and a snag or two.

There’s nothing wrong with that as long as one heeds the words of their guardian angels and stays optimistic.

Keeping one’s eye on the ultimate goal has a lot to do with the Angel Number 55 meaning.

Angel Number 55’s Symbolism

Window with beautiful color and number 55 Malta

Looking at the hidden or subtle symbolism of this angel number, one is wise to remember that all numbers have vibrations.

When Angel Number 55 pops up in your line of sight, the vibrations of number 5 are at their height.

What this means is that your angels are giving you the strength to embrace a time that may involve challenging changes but that might lead to great things.

House number fifty five (55)

Further, you’re reaching a juncture to break free from anything that may have been holding you back and to enjoy new energy.

It’s likely that the message you’re fortunate to be receiving is to stop dwelling on past hurts and to move into a future of adventure and new experiences.

Hidden energies are begging you to start living in a way that is more fulfilling to you, embracing a destiny of meaningful experiences tailored specifically to you.

Angel Number 55 Meaning: When You Keep Seeing 55

Angel number 55 meaning: 55th Parallel North Manitoba

One thing to remember about Angel Number 55 is that it’s an odd number. Well, odd numbers can be associated with disruptions or with a lack of order.

Now, is that a good thing? Some people reasonably fear what they might consider “chaos.”

However, think about being in a rut in your life. Think about times when you go to work and come home and go through your routine.

There probably isn’t a whole lot of chaos or messiness, but there can be a problem.

Now, the problem isn’t just that you’re bored, but that you may not be putting the most effort into your life, and may not be attending to the details.

55mm Anamorphic Lens

You may not be doing things in your relationships with much style or flair.

This can be true in your professional life and other areas as well. This is where the Angel Number 55 meaning comes to the rescue.

If you’ve been seeing this messenger number, ready yourself for novel and unfamiliar challenges.

Whereas new things can be hard to handle, everything is so much more possible to handle with the aid of a guardian angel.

It is the angel that does the guiding, with you ultimately being at the steering wheel.

Angel Number 55 Meaning and Your Career

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Keep in mind that 55 is a master number (like 44). That means that it multiplies the vibrations of each number.

It also gives a person self-confidence and a tendency toward positivity and a can-do attitude.

When you’re seeing Angel Number 55 quite a bit, it means that it’s time to get more out of your career.

Heed the number and take stock of what’s happening in your professional life.

2 women discussing at work
Image by Mimi Thian via Unsplash

Are you at a place at which your skills aren’t being fully utilized? Have you changed or grown recently in a way that has prepared you for major life changes, such as a rise up the corporate ladder?

Or even starting your own business?

The Angel Number 55 meaning is to plant the seeds of ideas. You must then take these ideas and examine them.

If you trust your angels and believe your divine messages, you may find that the present moment is right to elevate your career.

Angel number 55 meaning: A number 55 in brass on a marble façade.

Remember, 55 is an odd number, so angel number 55 meaning is associated with big changes, chaos, etc.

If you’re seeing it, look for opportunities to turn new situations into success and life improvement.

When you get into something that you think might be a bit scary, just persevere and keep going.

No one can find career or financial success instantly.

Angel Number 55 and Your Life Path

Forest track

A life path number is a category of numbers within the field of numerology.

It is a number that shows up over and over in your life. So, say your address when you were growing up had 55 in it, and a couple of your classes in college were in Room 55, and so on, you could conclude that 55 is a life path number for you.

A life path number is all about your core essence and the very definition of your soul and who you are.

Angel number 55 meaning: 55 Street Number On The Wall

So, if Angel Number 55 turns out to be your life path number, that means 5 is your life path number, but doubled.

This signifies that you’re adaptable and even a bit of a free spirit. You’re not someone who’s saddled by a lot of hangups.

You’re the sort of person who motivates yourself and who can make it through based on your sense of responsibility and determination.

Angel Number 55 Meaning: Money and Wealth

US banknotes on a wooden table
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We can’t stress enough that angel numbers are not magic numbers. They don’t tell you what bets to place, and they don’t magically make great things happen to you.

Instead, they are messenger numbers that alert you to certain realities. What you do with those realities is up to you.

If you are seeing Angel Number 55, be alert to the possibility that you may need to change your attitudes toward money and your financial situation.

This may mean reevaluating how money flows into and out of your life. It could mean a change in job, as described above, or entering into a new financial venture, or developing new revenue streams.

Whiteboard with 55

It can mean cutting down expenses.

Angel number 55 meaning could also be that now might be the right time to use your will and self determination to zoom into a realm of more income and a better financial life overall.

You have to keep your eyes open and you have to make all this happen, but you’ll know that you’re destined toward success because the angel numbers are telling you so.

What Does Angel Number 55 Mean Biblically?

African American young boy reading the Bible
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There are so many areas in which Angel Number 55 has some significance: numerology, financial advice, the tarot, but it is, after all, an angel number.

Its spiritual meaning, which comes from the Bible, is as important as any.

One of the biggest figures in Christianity is the Apostle Paul. While he wasn’t one of Jesus’s disciples, he was one of the men most responsible for spreading Christianity, the new religion that branched from Judaism.

The number 55 is connected to Paul in a very important way. In 55 A. D. ,Paul made an important missionary journey to the city of Ephesus.

Angel number 55 meaning: The number 55 is white in blue frame.

He would later write a letter to the church there, which we now know as the Bible book Ephesians.

This angel number also has a large meaning in some of the key Bible verses.

For example, Isaiah 55 sets forth a prophecy for the most important element of the New Testament, Jesus’s ministry.

It also makes reference to Jesus’s entreaty that those who seek salvation should come to him in drink, which would later be recorded in John 7:37.

Further, Matthew 13:55 is the verse that tells us that Jesus’s mother, Mary, had many children other than Jesus–James, Joseph, Simon, and Jude.

The last book of the Old Testament, Malachi, has exactly 55 verses.

Annotated Bible page
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What Does Angel Number 55 Mean Biblically?

We should also add that the number 55 has so much to say in the spiritual realm, apart from the Bible itself.

Your angels are reaching out from the spiritual world, attempting to get your attention and motivate you.

They want you consistently move toward your best spiritual outcomes. You have free will, but sometimes people become passive and end up stagnating.

That isn’t the kind of thing that your guardian angels will just accept.

Therefore, a major Angel Number 55 meaning is that it shows itself to folks who have the most growth potential.

These are folks who are more positive, resilient, and creative.

Holy Bible
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Our angels serve to encourage us closer to success in the spiritual world.

They do this by inspiring us with the particular number 55 to undergo the energy of transformation.

You see, the spiritual realm houses potent mystical factors that will inspire you to understand your spiritual development.

The Importance of Angel Number 55

African American woman carrying and kissing a little girl
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Ok, let’s get right into the heart of Angel Number 55’s meaning, its traits, and the particular experience of someone whose life path number is 55.

Folks influenced by Angel Number 55 are meticulous and careful, particularly when it comes to choosing lovers, life partners, and longterm life paths.

One interesting thing about 55’s is that they will sacrifice for romantic relationships or other lifelong commitment.

If the person ends up being hurt or heartbroken she or he will still persevere because of the confidence and optimism inspired by the number.

Angel Number 55 Meaning According to Doreen Virtue

House number 55

You may or may not know that Doreen Virtue is considered a pioneer of angelology, or the study of angel numbers and of angels and their communication with humans.

This incredible expert advises us that Angel number 55 means God urging you to believe in yourself and to proceed with a heart filled with optimism.

It’s all about staying away from negativity. Now, this can involve surrounding yourself with kind-hearted people whom you can definitely trust.

It can be hard to have faith in a number and its non-verbal messages, but what we’re being asked to do in life isn’t easy, and requires leaps of faith.

Romantic Life: Number 55

Senior love
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We know, it really gets personal once we start getting into a romantic life.

These can be sensitive issues, but they also can be areas into your life for which you really want answers.

What does this Angel Number 55 mean when it comes to your romantic life.

If you aren’t currently in a romance, the Angel Number 55 could mean a heavenly message of new love soon to arrive for you.

Angel number 55 meaning: Road sign speed limit 55

Because the twin 5’s are a symbol of balance, they will assist you in locating the proper balance in your love life.

Therefore, if you’ve been down in the doldrums as applies to your love, when you’re seeing 55 is a wonderful time to effect several positive changes for some important new beginnings.

One thing to consider is to not cling to angst from past relationships. There’s no reason to retain any negativity, since you’re getting a sign that your ideal mate is searching for you just as you are searching for them.

With Angel Number 55, your kind angels are counseling you to leave your comfort zone.

Friends holding hands
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This might mean auditioning a new look or finding novel ways of meeting people.

Again, one can’t just wait, but must use the messages as motivation to go out and make efforts.

We’d also like to add that the numerological significance of 55 is a kind reminder that the universe loves, nurtures, and supports you.

Therefore, discard negative energy and take in the larger picture. This will make you a better person, who’s prepared for a big change.

And of course, it will be a positive change!

Number 55 After a Breakup

Couple breaking up
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Based on what we’ve learned so far about Angel Number 55, you can make a very educated guess as to what it means for you after a breakup.

Yes, it does mean to jettison all the bitterness and bad thoughts and to have faith as to positive developments on the horizon.

This is a time when you can really use some cheering messages like never before.

There’s no question that it’s a vulnerable time. And that’s when the messages are most likely to appear.

Your responsibility–to yourself–is to heed these affirming messages so that you’ll feel better about yourself.

Number 55 in Numerology

Interstate 55 to Chicago

As far as numerology goes, the twin number 5’s, or 55, are all about freedom and individuality.

It’s a forward-looking and outward-gazing number. That means it helps its practitioners plan for the future and anticipate new developments.

Additionally, number 55 means that events in your life will relate to adventure and to situations that require self-sufficiency.

It can also mean expression of one’s free spirit.

Twin 5’s, Twin Flames

Twins standing with their arms crossed in front of a wall outdoors.

You might wonder what twin flames are and what this could possibly have to do with anything?

Well, one common definition of twin flames is a soul that has been split in two.

That sounds like a tragedy, doesn’t it? But keep in mind that the number 55 in turn reunites the two twins, so the ending is happy.

Now, there’s another sense of the concept of twin flames, which is two people who are soul mates or like “twins” when it comes to their romantic flame.

In this sense, what 55 is all about is setting up a meeting between you and your twin flame.

So that’s something to really pay attention to with great optimism.

Is Angel Number 55 a Lucky Number?

House number 55

It depends on what one means by “lucky.” It is very positive to you, but it probably isn’t accurate to call it “lucky.”

That might misrepresent what it’s all about. Numbers, including angel numbers, don’t necessarily do things for you in your life.

Instead, the numbers send you messages, and if you are seeing these numbers, that means the messages apply to you.

So seeing Angel Number 55 means that you’re being asked to recognize positive changes underfoot and to react accordingly.

You can have confidence knowing that angels are looking out for you and are letting you know it’s OK to be optimistic and to take chances, because those chances will be rewarded with good results.

Would You Want to Live At Number 55?

Address number 55

People often look to numerology to consider the number of their flat or their house.

Well, it depends on what kind of person you are. If this angel number is working against your skills and your way of being, it may not be a great house number for you.

Fifty-five is right for you if you’re ready to be an active, assertive person.

It’s also good if you want to live a life of integrity. We all think we do, but it’s important to be completely honest with yourself.

55 in Popular Culture

oster 55 days at Peiking

The angel number 55 isn’t quite as commonly referenced in popular culture as other angel numbers are.

However, we can share with you a few choice references to 55 in pop culture:

  • Tom Waits has a well-known, popular song called “‘Ol 55.”
  • Generation Xers will recognize the Sammy Hagar hit “I Can’t Drive 55.”
  • Charlton Heston starred in a film called 55 Days at Peking.

Fast Facts About Angel Number 55

Fibonacci spiral stairs
Image by Natalya Letunova via Unsplash

One of the reasons 55 is such a strong angelic number is that it has the energy of all the other numbers, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

If you add combinations of these numbers together, you’ll get 5.

Number 55 is the largest Fibonacci number that is both triangular and in the Fibonacci sequence.

Both alchemists and magicians have long believed 55 to be magic.

Angel Number 55 FAQ

Is number 55 a bad number?

Absolutely not. Nothing could be further from the case. In fact, 55 is an angel number. It is there to alert the person who sees it of positive change to come, to embrace that change, and to have the courage to persevere for great results. The number has vibrations having to do with being self-sufficient and a free spirit.