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44 Angel Number Meaning (Love, Soulmate, Career+ More!)

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What is angel number 44 meaning?

Have you ever had a couple of weeks, even a month, when things were a bit odd?

Number 44 on door sign

Perhaps you found that life was really on your side, that everything was going your way.

Job opportunities can open up, relationships can blossom, and it’s as if you’re seeing life in a sharper, more vivid color.

We won’t focus on less enjoyable times, but it does seem like sometimes everything goes really well, and sometimes, not so much.

Well, what if we revealed a cosmic secret to you? There are times in your life, windows of opportunity, when you find opportunities to achieve the things you’d like to.

Angel number 44 meaning: Interstate 44

These are times when–unbeknownst to you if you’re not paying attention–you are seeing certain numbers repeatedly.

These numbers are angel numbers, and they send you messages. If you can take advantage of the guidance these numbers are giving you, you’ll be successful and feel like the world is in the palm of your hand.

44: The Angels’ Number

Only a select few numbers are angel numbers. They are numbers that have certain patterns created in them, and sometimes numbers that have a repetition of digits, and that’s where 44 comes in, the repetition of 4.

44th Street in Midtown Manhattan

As an angel number, 44 is there to get your attention. Because of their divinity, guardian angels cannot communicate to us in the normal ways.

Thus, they use numbers.

Certain numbers with repeating digits are known as master numbers. Examples are 55, 11, 33, and of course: 44!

These numbers have a greater spiritual meaning than others. Your life will have a solid foundation if you heed the messages from your ascended masters.

Angel number 44 meaning: Restaurant sign with number 44
Image by Kadir Celep via Unsplash

So, what are you being told by your guardian angels with the number 44? They are blessing you with traits like industriousness, meeting goals, the ability to focus and persevere and be productive.

When these traits are big in your life, it’s time to really act.

You’re being encouraged by the master number 44, and if you’re on a particular right path you should definitely stay on the course–it’s how you know that what you’re trying to do will be successful.

Let’s Talk Symbolism

Jersey Number 44.
Image by Pedromomx8 via Pixabay

Probably the chief symbolism for Angel number 44 is new life. It’s a number of rejuvenation, and when you see it frequently in your life you know that you’ve transitioned from the doldrums of your old life into your new life.

Here, you are more confident and ready to be more productive and successful.

Whereas it can be just a bit overwhelming at first, the whole point of communicating with you via the Angel number 44 meaning is to tell you to stay the course and be confident.

Now That You’ve Seen Angel Number 44

Number 44 on door sign

You may be reading this article because you’ve seen the number 44 a lot recently.

Perhaps you saw a basketball game and a player wearing 44 was guarding an opponent wearing 44.

Then your instacart order happened to contain 44 items.

That’s great news! Spying the number 44 all around you shows that your angels are transmitting you the courage to continue on your life path.

Angel number 44 meaning: Number 44 vertical on wall

Perhaps you’re already finding success! In this case, angel number 44 meaning is further encouragement.

The number serves as an indication that your assigned guardian angels want to ensure that fear or doubt to keep you from fulfilling your destiny through living out your purpose.

Seeing 44 is a form of validation! But the number 44 holds different meanings for various parts of life.

Angel Number 44 meaning for Twin Flame

friends having fun
Image by Kinkel Media via Pexels

There are two main definitions of twin flames. One is that twin flames are a soul that has been split in two, creating twins.

Now, what could be sadder than that? Another definition of twin flames is a relationship between two people in which they have such a bond that they might as well be twin souls.

In the case of the separated soul, a 44 angel number meaning is the reunification of the soul.

That’s because a number with two numbers repeated is a twin flame number. The owner of the soul is thus in a better place to be her or his true self.

House number 44

Now, when we look at it in terms of lovers who have a fiery passion and great connection, if you are one of these flames, the angel number 44 meaning is that you should not fear the prospect of opening up to the other person and pursuing the relationship with intensity.

Just keep in mind that the number is a reminder that you have to be honest and forthright with your flame.

Angel Number 44-Numerology

Angel number 44 meaning: USA 44 cents stamp

According to some, numerology dates all the way back to Pythagoras, the famed Greek mathematician and seems to find connections between numbers and letters and to find the true meanings of numbers and how they can affect what we do on a day-to-day basis.

In terms of numerology, 44 is what’s called a Tribonacci number. No, not a Fibonacci, even better: Tribonacci.

These are numbers that form a sequence of numbers whose value is the sums of the previous three: 7, 13, 24, 44.

It is also a Stormer number, or one whose prime factor is greater than or equal to twice its value.

Other examples are 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, or 19 are examples–in addition to 44.

What Does Angel Number Mean For Your Love Life?

Asian man and woman hugging

We now turn to a subject that is always loads of fun, your dating life. First, we’ll talk directly to the single people.

If that’s you and you’re seeing the double 4’s on a regular basis, take that to mean that you’re in for a winning streak when it comes to meeting great people.

Because Angel Number 44 is a life path number, it has some universal truths whether you are in a romantic relationship or not.

So, whatever your status, if you’re seeing this number, it means you passionately care about your loved ones, particularly romantic partners.

Angel number 44 meaning: Couple in love

As a consequence, your guardian angels wish for you the ability to give your love in relationships without being emotionally bruised.

Angels are great love advisors.

What’s interesting is that, according to those in the know, Angel Number 44 can mean, in a romance that has lasting many years, going back to the early stages of the relationship when the feelings were a bit fresher and more intense.

There’s no doubt that Angel Number 44 means a wide array of things for your love life, all positive.

Professional Life and Number 44

Interstate 44

Of course your love and romantic life are important to you and to your happiness.

But we all spend a lot of our time in professional situations, and there is so much to achieve in that area.

When Angel Number 44 enters your life, it signifies that your diligence and elbow grease have gotten their results.

Another Angel Number 44 meaning is that your positive attitude,your optimism, and your knack for assisting others, are all being rewarded, only to be rewarded even more in the future.

Another big factor that will get good results in your career path is the connection you enjoy with the spiritual world.

Angel number 44 meaning: Money Angels

ATM at night
Image by via Unsplash

One of the big, consistent themes concerning Angel Number 44 is positive change.

There is no exception when it comes to your financial life. There’s no question that Angel Number 44 meaning is greater self-confidence and finding new positive energy.

It also means it’s time to take a reasonable chance or two when it comes to some kind of business venture.

Succeeding in entrepreneurship or similar things can be hard, and when your energies are at their peak is definitely the best time to try.

It could be your path to a lasting financial stability.

Angel Number 44 and the Law of Attraction

Angel number 44 meaning: Stylish house number depicting 44 in two colours

Have you ever experienced periods of time when you felt strong and positive, and then you noticed a lot of good things came your way?

It may have seemed as though those things were absolutely attracted to your positive outlook?

Well they were, and that’s the Law of Attraction.

When the number 44 takes precedence in your life, it means you’re embarking on a time of serious energy.

This positive energy is sure to attract the attention and efforts of loved ones and friends who might have a desire to form bonds with you and enrich your life.

Keep in mind, the people in your life can feel you’re gaining spiritual gifts by heeding the angel number 44 meaning and they’re drawn in.

Angel number 44 meaning: Tarot Card 44

Tarot de Marseille - Number 4 The Emperor

When we look at the Angel Number 44 meaning in terms of the tarot, it gets even more interesting.

The answers here are fascinating and complex. The card 44 represents the various sources of energy in the universe: solar, nuclear, lightning, and fire.

Because of this, like the other meanings of Angel Number 44, tarot card 44 shows that dynamic changes are underfoot in your life.

Yet there’s even more when we look at Angel Number 44. It’s important to take each 4 individually.

When you do, and add the two 4’s, you get 8. The tarot card for 8 represents fortitude.

Angel number 44 meaning: Tarot de Marseille - Number 8 The Justice

This will bestow upon you energy and power, and these will lead to success.

Significance of Angel Number 44

As we’ve outlined throughout this article, the main significance of Angel Number 44 is change, and change for the positive.

House number 44

If you can heed the call of Angel Number 44 and get rid of negative energy, which is what your guardian angels are asking of you, you will find greater confidence and a fearless outlook on life.

The number also has significance for your dating and relationship life, for your financial life, and for your overall spiritual outlook.

It has great significance in numerology and in the tarot.

Angel number 44 meaning In the Bible

The Holy Bible open on a desk
Image by Aaron Burden

Could there possibly be an angel number that doesn’t appear in and have great significance in the Bible?

Well, no, and Angel Number 44 means a lot of things in the scripture of the Christians.

We’d have to start with the major figure in the Bible, Jesus. We know that he came to earth and took human form with an earthly ministry, ultimately being crucified.

We are given the dates of the crucifixion and resurrection and return to Heaven, which is how we know that the interval between Christ’s crucifixion and ascension was 44 days.

In 44 A. D. Herod Agrippa, ruler of Galilee, decided to have James, one of Jesus’s disciples and brother of John, executed.

Bible with highlighted paragraphs
Image by Sincerely Media via Unsplash

In that same year, 44, the Lord God smote Herod Agrippa.

Here’s something truly amazing. There are many words or phrases that appear exactly forty-four times.

We will list them here in the original Hebrew with the English translation:

  • Loudaia-Judea, where Jesus lived and conducted his ministry
  • Chalab-Milk, such as “the land of milk and honey”
  • Okel- food
  • Dioko- persecute

Further, Jesse, father of King David, was mentioned in exactly 44 verses. Considering the meaning of Angel Number 44, it is more than fascinating that there are several chapters in the Bible with 44 verses:

  • Acts 27
  • Mark 12
  • Leviticus 23
  • Jeremiah 32
  • 1 Samuel 25
  • 2 Kings 4
  • Ezra 10
  • 1 Chronicles 9

Doreen Virtue and Angel Number 44

Angel number 44 meaning: Combination lock on locker 44

You very well may be familiar with the legendary Doreen Virtue. As an angelologist and motivator, she’s sure an accomplished author.

Ms. Virtue is the author of over fifty books! No wonder she’s such a respected figure when it comes to communicating important inspiring messages to people.

Her words have given hope to so many people!

As to the number at hand, when you behold angel number 44, you’re the recipient of a wonderful spiritual sign that your goals will soon be met.

Stylish house number depicting 44 in two colours

Now, nothing comes with no responsibility on your part. You do need to remain grounded to receive these great gifts.

That means planning and building a solid foundation to meet the success you desire.

As Ms. Virtue would remind us, because 4+4=8, we do have to look at 8. Number 8 is associated with financial abundance and wealth.

You may be able to build up enough abundance to apply to present and future generations.

The key to this is to listen to your heart and gut.

44 = Health and Wellness

healthy woman exercising on a pier
Image by Christopher Campbell via Unsplash

The presence of angel number 44 tells you that the divine in the universe will watch over you to maximize your health and make positive changes for the long term.

This angelic number will chase away negative energy and usher positive energy into your life.

When you see this miraculous number, you’ll attain the strength to live a positive life with good health and wellness outcomes.

44 for a House Number?

House number 44

This is an excellent question, and it turns out that Angel Number 44 does indeed make a rock-solid house number.

Numbers, of course, have vibrations, and the number 44 vibrates in connection with words like “commitment” and “discipline.”

If you are a person with self-discipline who can put some of those things into practice, a home with Angel Number 44 as a house number will lead to great business and financial success?

Are you brave enough to accept this kind of success?

Don’t Get Tetraphobia

Hong-Kong lift floor number missing 44

As we’ve said, each number has a specific set of vibrations, which is why they also have specific meanings.

It’s important to realize, though, that there’s no way for everyone to know the positive meanings and messages of Angel Number 44.

In fact, there are Asian countries in which people generally dislike the number 4.

This is called tetraphobia.

Tetraphobia is why builders in Hong Kong skip floors with the number 4 in them.

This is not the best way to live one’s best life. Rather than letting fear get it the way, one must look into the messages from numbers for oneself and see what those numbers can offer them.

Why turn away a message from a guardian angel?

Number 44 in Movies and TV

Movie poster 44 Minutes - The North Hollywood Shoot-out

The number 44 doesn’t have as many appearances in television and movies as some other numbers, but there are still some interesting observations to be made.

Now, this may not have the most positive energy, but there is a 2003 made-for-TV movie called 44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-out.

Another movie with the number 44 in them is Child 44.

Things You Don’t Know About Angel Number 44

Philadelphia Phillies Barack Obama 44 jersey
Image via Wikimedia
  • +44 is the code used for international calls in the UK.
  • Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States
  • Julius Caesar was murdered in 44 BC.
  • 44 is the number of “chosen people” in the Bible.

Angel Number 44 FAQ

4.4 meter max height sign

What is the significance of Angel Number 44?

It’s hard to distill such a wealth of information down to a short answer, but suffice it to say, as a master number, Angel Number 44 will give you characteristics such as industriousness, meeting goals, the ability to focus and persevere and be productive.

When these traits are big in your life, it’s time to really act.

You’re being encouraged by the master number 44, and if you’re on a particular path you should definitely stay on the course–it’s how you know that what you’re trying to do will be successful.

Is 44 a twin flame number?

Yes! When you have a number with repeating digits, it is a twin flame number.

Twin flames are two parts of a soul that have been separated, and the twin flame number reconnects them.

If you’d like to learn more, you may read the section of this article in which we already discussed this.