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Angel number 123 meaning (Love, Soulmate, Career + More)

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What is angel number 123 meaning?

Of course we’re all familiar with the sequence 1-2-3, just like A-B-C. Put them together and you get one hundred twenty-three, or 123.

alarm clock showing 1:23

This is an angel number, which is there to convey messages from the universe to you via your guardian angel.

It’s important to know the meaning of Angel Number 123, and that’s exactly the service we’ll provide in this article.

Angel Number 123 Meaning

We all have guardian angels, and they sometimes explicitly send us messages.

They can’t speak to us or communicate in some of the traditional ways, so they use numbers.

One major angel number 123 meaning is that you are the sort of person who can accomplish what may seem impossible.

You have your own destiny, and with angel number 123, your angels are asking you to trust it.

Stay on your spiritual path, even if you might have doubts

Angel Number 123’s meaning is that changes are coming, some sooner, some more long term.

The numerical message is that you’re being generously supported by your angelic protectors.

Angel number 123 also signals you’ve been making great life choices lately, and that all manner of success and happiness will come to you eventually.

As such, it’s important to allow your soul to remain as open as possible and to move toward your highest potential.

Angel number 123

I’ve Been Seeing Number 123

If you’ve been noticing number 123 particularly often, it’s something to consider.

There’s no doubt that it’s a good development for you. Angel Number 123 is definitely a fortuitous number to see: it delivers favorable circumstances to you, and general good luck.

All that your guardians ask in return is your faith.

Something great and impressive lies in your future. Be alert to opportunities and to open doors, being sure to receive the fortune available to you.

Angel Number 123 and the Twin-flame

Within numerology and within angelology, any line of thought that reveals secret meanings, is a particular concept called the twin flame.

The consensus explanation of twin flames is that the flames are halves of what was once one soul.

However, the soul has been split in two. Well, what could be a bigger tragedy than that?

So, that’s where a major Angel Number 123 meaning comes in, since it’s a twin flame number.

Numbers are twin flame numbers if they are made up entirely of or partially of repeated numbers.

Well, because 1+2=3, you have a type of repetition. That means that Angel Number 123 is, in effect, a twin flame number.

Number 123 on wooden door
Image by Jean-François Gornet via Wikimedia

So, if you see this number, you may have a twin flame, which is a person who has one half of your soul.

Isn’t that the kind of story that Shakespeare could only long to concoct? Well, if you’re seeing Angel Number 123, it probably means that you’re going to recognize the twin flame nature of this person and find your soul to be reunited!

That’s because the other half of the Angel Number 123 is that it reunites the flames!

What could be more amazing than that?

Love, Romance, and Angel Number 123

At its essence, Angel Number 123 is all about pointing you lovingly toward the progress that you’ll soon enjoy.

But your angels have a bargain to make with you. You have to do your part of it by stepping out into the world and leaving your comfort zone.

This is true nowhere more than in your romantic life. One of the enemies of one’s dating or love life is getting into a rut.

All too often, folks think that they don’t deserve the fulfillment of a committed, supportive relationship.

And here’s where the news is very cheering if you’re seeing Angel Number 123.

In the tender neighborhood of love and relationships, what Angel Number 123 means is as important as it is revealing.

Angel number 123 meaning

One chief reason for this is that the number 1 points you to new beginnings.

Now, let’s take a minute to analyze this. Say you’re in a relationship and it isn’t giving you the nurturing mentioned above.

This isn’t good for you as you try to develop spirituality. You may have to make the difficult realization that in this case, your Angel Number 123 meaning is that you may have to open a new chapter in your life, which means ending the relationship.

Of course, the positive energies from Angel Number 123 could be pointing to a different meaning.

They could be pointing you to a rebirth in your current relationship.

You’ll have to use your intuition and work with your guardians to feel your way through, knowing they are there to help.

Now, as for the number 2, it signifies partnerships and balance. If you’ve lately met an attractive person, the angel numbers could mean you should give your love to them.

While your spiritual growth is always important, balance and a meaningful partnership is also crucial.

Lastly, number 3 is all about creativity and self-expression. Now, what might this have to do with relationships?

Well, it may mean that your guardians are using numbers to suggest that a way to find a great loving relationship is just to display your creative energy and what makes you special.

London bus 123

Have You Seen 123 After a Breakup?

Again, the numbers that make up Angel Number 123 and its meaning tend to signify new beginnings.

What might this mean after your breakup?

It could chiefly be that much-needed reminder that new love can be on the way, that so many people are out there seeking the right person.

Could that person be you?

All you need to do in this transition is put some faith in your angels and let them propel you forward.

If You’re Pregnant Seeing Angel Number 123

Angel Number 123 is generally thought of as an excellent omen for pregnancy.

This is due to its significance as a symbol of new beginnings. However, it also serves as a powerful symbol to be in tune with nature as much as possible during this fascinating and trying period, and to trust the natural processes in play.

Doreen Virtue and Angel Number 123

You’re probably familiar with Doreen Virtue, a clairvoyant who earned incredible acclaim as an angelologist.

Doreen Virtue has many books on spiritual matters, making her someone to listen to and to familiarize yourself with.

As for Doreen Virtue and her Angel Number 123 meaning, she interprets it to mean that your dreams will come true and that the new developments in your life will be promising and fulfilling.

You’ll use some of your great traits like your sociability, kindness, and flexibility to achieve great things and to be a positive example to those around you.

What Does Angel Number 123 Mean for Your Finances?

As is the case in most categories, the news is good for your finances if you’re seeing angel number 123.

Whereas, the specifics will vary from person to person, seeing this number predicts some positive developments in the life of your money and your business.

This could develop in several ways: you could get a better, higher-paying position, or you may happen upon some unexpected money.

For some people, the Angel Number 123 is a sign to go ahead in a business venture, either with your current partner or with a new one.

The thing to remember about Angel Number 123 is that you’re always being told your angels have your back.

Angel Number 123 and Your Professional Life

A professional life can sometimes be a bit trying for people who are interested in the spiritual side of life.

A lot of people who will see Angel Number 123 are sensitive and observant, with really keen instincts.

All of these are good traits, particularly if harnessed correctly. While they may be good for the sort of professional life that yields pretty good money, these traits can also be very good for being inventive, doing things differently, etc.

If you’ve been seeing Angel Number 123 quite a bit, it might be time to consider starting a business, possibly developing an app, inventing something that you can patent or something similar.

Tarot de Marseilles and Angel Number 123

The Tarot de Marseilles is a particular deck of Tarot cards with its own meanings.

The earliest form of it dates all the way back to 1708. It has proven to be one of the tarot decks that is most respected worldwide, having stood the test of time.

Well, as you can probably anticipate, looking at Angel Number 123 in this Tarot deck means deconstructing it and looking at the numbers individually.

Therefore, perhaps looking at 1 first might make sense.

Number 1 in the Tarot de Marseilles is the Magician. The magician has–yes–a bag of tricks and that is why just about anything is possible for him.

The magician lives his life striving for an ultimate spirituality, which shows how relevant this card is to you in your life’s journey.

Number 2 is the High Priestess, the first woman of the major arcana. The connotation of this card is an initiator or a witch.

Further, this card is associated with the Goddess Isis and Virgin Mary. She is a great symbol of balance and being grounded, since the four points of her hat point to each of the compass directions.

Number 3 is the Empress, depicted with a large scepter with a cross at the top and holding a huge eagle in the right hand.

This is an important card that is extremely big when looking at any Angel Number 123 meaning.

That’s because it marks the transition from virgin state to actual life out in the world.

Number 3 is just about charm and youthful inexperience, plus all sorts of natural energies like puberty and creation.

As you can see, the numbers that make up 123 have meanings in the Tarot that aren’t too far from their Angel Number 123 meaning.

In both cases, the meanings cleave to newness, energy, starting over or adding to one’s life with new spirit and new efforts.

It’s so important to take “yes” for an answer in this manner and get yourself motivated.

Angel Number 123 and the Law of Attraction

There’s a great chance that you know what the Law of Attraction is. It’s all about thinking positive thoughts and attracting positive results.

True, it does take great energy acquire and manifest positivity, but one who does so while creating anything or embarking on a venture is way ahead of one who doesn’t.

This is true because people feel your energies when they encounter something you invested time in or created.

The takeaway here is to put only positivity into your art, business venture, or relationships.

Angel Number 123 in the Bible

The Bible is the major text of Christianity. Here is how Angel Number 123 has been used in The Bible and what its significance is.

Now, one hundred twenty-three doesn’t appear a whole lot in the “good book,” so we really need to break down one, two, and three in the book.

The string of numbers 123 is, in this case, read as 1, 2, and 3. In this context, the biggest symbolism of these numbers is the Holy Trinity, the father, son, and Holy Ghost.

The main significance of the number 1 by itself in The Bible is Jesus declaring himself the Alpha (one, for the first letter in the Greek alphabet) and the Omega.

As for number 2 in The Bible, naturally, the book is divided into two halves, The Old Testament and The New Testament.

But when we look a bit deeper, we find that the number 2 also symbolizes union, as well as reunification after a conflict.

People look to the original two people, Adam and Eve. Their union with God was split with their original sin, but it was healed.

To now turn to number 3, like the “perfect number,” 7, it symbolizes completeness, just not quite as much–no number can match 7 for completeness.

One big instance of the number 3 in The Bible is that God prayed 3 times in the garden of Gethsemane just before he was apprehended before his crucifixion.

And the number of days Jesus lay dead before his resurrection was 3. There is no question that the number 3 play a huge role in the Gospels and the story that created Judeo-Christianity.

Your Soul Mate, You and Angel Number 123

Angel Number 123 has a fair amount to say when it comes to finding a soul mate.

In short, it gives you enough information about your temperament that you can get a great sense of your soul mate might be.

This kind of specific predictive ability shows a very real benefit to Angel Number 123.

If you’re being shown Angel Number 123, your soul mate is practical and down-to-earth.

She or he is the sort of person who’s content with a simple life. Now, once you’ve found that special someone, you’re very likely to develop that relationship into greater depth–you might consider it the romantic relationship’s equivalent of spiritual enlightenment.

If you’re single, seeing this wonderful number probably serves to indicate that your search is nearing its end.

You want to make sure not to overlook people you already know–remember, it’s all about being practical and content.

Is Angel Number 123 a Lucky Number?

This is a great question, and the answer is somewhat complicated. There’s no doubt that if you’re seeing this entire combination, good things are underfoot.

As we’ve discussed throughout the entire article, the number amounts to a notification of good things ahead from your guardian angels.

So, if you consider that lucky, then, yeah.

If you’re a man and you see the number 12, according to numerologists, that means that romantic love is about to come your way.

However, if you’re a woman and you see the number, it could mean that relationship trouble is on the way.

Is Angel Number 123 a Good House Number?

This is an important question to answer. If your address is anything but 123 you’re in deep trouble.

In any case, to figure this out, you in turn have to figure out your life path number.

Why isn’t there just a “real estate number?” That is a question for your guardian angel.

To figure out your life path number, don’t do anything, but instead use this life path calculator.

In any case, as to the question about house numbers, basically, it depends on whether your life path number is odd or even–so the question you should really be asking is whether or not 123 is a good life path number.

However, the basic essence of 123 has to do with traits like stability, connectivity, family, and relationships, so if you think that would make a good house number, then Angel Number 123 most assuredly is a good house number!

123 in Pop Culture

If you were born after 1960, it’s very possible that the first thing to come to your mind in this category is the very catchy song 1234 by Feist, which came out in 2007.

Did you know that they eventually sang the song on “Sesame Street“? A can’t-miss.

But, wait, there’s more. There’s clearly a divine message in the fact that the fictional license plate 2GAT123 appears in many movies and TV shows.

No real person can have this license plate, so it’s the equivalent of American phone numbers beginning with the prefix 555, which real numbers do not have.

Also, many Americans grew up with the saying “Easy as ABC 123” which obviously refers to the first 3 letters of the English alphabet and the first 3 numbers counting up from 0.

Absolutely Amazing Facts About 123

  • 123 is the number of the little recording that tells you what time it is in the United Kingdom.
  • The 123 series is a single-car electric train in Japan.
  • 123 backwards is 321.

To Conclude on Angel Number 123

If you are seeing this number a lot, you should be proud. Not only does it mean that you have a guardian angel, but that the angel is trying to communicate with you.

This would not be the case if you weren’t the sort of person with a good spiritual awareness.

You’ll be able to handle a new beginning that may be on the way for you.