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11 Angel Number Meaning: Soulmate, Career, Love and Money

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What is the meaning of angel number 11?

Whether you’re at the bus stop or in front of your computer or watching football on the television, you see numbers all the time.

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However, some numbers have great significance. One of them is Number 11. Number 11 is what’s known as a master number that is also an Angel Number.

Angel numbers are numbers with patterns or with repetition, like 3333 or 22.

These numbers communicate with us to send us messages, such as our life purpose or a certain decision we need to make.

Eleven symbolizes spiritual awakening. If you see this number repeatedly, you should give more attention to your soul mission.

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In other words, your angels are watching over you and are communicating with you.

But they do it with numbers. The 11 angel number meaning as an angel number is that you are cosmically zooming toward greatness.

You’re ready to approach spiritual enlightenment; your heart and mind are readying you for profound accomplishments.

Angel Number 11: Heavenly Symbolism

Angel number 11: White color Number 11 painted on the floor.
Image by Anna via Pexels

So let’s look at the symbolism involved in the Angel Number 11. One thing that the number 11 symbolizes is building, since it’s known as the Master Builder.

It represents intuition and instincts, factors that people use to build on their strengths and to move forward.

If you cannot sense opportunities you won’t be able to move on them. But people with good instincts know when to make moves in their lives.

One of the reasons that 11 is so important and beneficial is that it is mentioned in the Bible so many times.

Bible notebook and pen set on a table for some Bible study time

For instance, one element of Angel Number 11 meaning is that in the book of Revelations, John saw 11 items associated with end times and the final judgment.

Further, Jehoiakim, last king of Judah, ruled for 11 year. And God directed his servant Moses to make 11 curtains for the tabernacle that the Jews used for positive energy.

As mentioned before, 11 symbolizes your guardian angel. Angels are often used in the Bible as messengers, not just pretty faces.

There’s no doubt that the Biblical symbolism of Angel Number 11 has a lot to do with angels.

What Do I Do When I See Angel Number 11?

Angel number 11 meaning: 11th floor sign on stair wall
Image by Mel Elías via Unsplash

As we mentioned above, you may find yourself seeing certain numbers two or three times in a short period or in a way that jumps out at you.

For instance, the number could be shown in outline in a sign at a train stop or could be formed by two planks of wood.

You may walk into a store, and a friend may hold up a shirt saying it seems like your style and it happens to have the number on it.

And then, of course, are all the more everyday situations that naturally have the number in it.

Number 11 on a wall
Image by Markus Spiske via Unsplash

You’re learning now the Angel Number 11 meaning and how powerful it can be.

Therefore, you can see that the first thing to understand is to pay attention when this number comes up and to take it as a message from your angels.

These special celestial beings are sending you, human being, a notice of momentous changes that will take place in your life.

How could you ignore something like that?

Angel number 11 meaning: Room number 11 key

Instead, you must open your mind and heart to the changes and work with them to embrace them.

Because the Angel Number 11 is associated with instincts and intuition, this is a good time to pay attention and have your instincts primed.

Trust these instincts to tell you the right thing to do in light of these big changes and developments.

This will put you on the right path, as intended by your guardian angels.

You’re not seeing the number for no reason. It comes to you at times when you need to be alert and when it’s a good idea to be alert and optimistic.

That itself is part of the Angel Number 11’s meaning.

What Does 11 Mean for Twin Flames?

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Also, what does “twin flames” mean? By “twin flames” we mean two people who are a perfect match romantically.

We know that your guardian angel is speaking to you, but is the angel talking to you about your “flame”?

Well, remember that your guardian angel wants you to be happy. He or she isn’t going to waste your time or do something to make your love life miserable.

Many people spend so much time trying to find a soul mate and it can be a drain on them, psychologically.

That is why going with important messages as to who your twin flame could be is so important.

Numerology’s Answers to Angel Number 11 meanings

Angel number 11: Sign hole 11
Image by Kindel Media via Pexels

If you don’t go to numerology for answers about numbers–including the meaning of the Angel Number 11–I don’t know what to tell you.

Within the field of numerology, 11 is considered karmic, and has to do with a person’s interactions with the larger world.

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Looked at through this lens, the number tells us to use our leadership skills to better the community around us.

But the karmic nature of the Angel Number 11 is not its only meaning. It is also the Master number.

It pushes people to step out of their comfort zone.

11 Angel number meaning: Your Love Life and Relationships

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Number 11 comes into your life when it’s time for you to start thinking long-term about your romantic relationships.

It reminds you to not rush to judgment in a relationship, but to make sure a person may be right for you.

Now, if you’re all about friendships, this Master Number has something to offer you as well.

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Angel Number 11 is telling you to purge the negativity in your life and then make new friends and have great relationships.

Note that the Angel Number 11 will enter your life just before some potential friends enter your life, and that is there trusting your intuition is key.

But, something great about the Number 11 is that it alerts you to a good time.

Angel number 11 symbolism: Champagne cap with number 11

So if you catch a glimpse of this great number before going out, get yourself ready for a fun time.

Loosen up and let everything flow, and your relationships will get even better.

Will Angel Number 11 Help Your Career?

Young man working in office on laptop

When you see Angel Number 11, it can be pointing you toward success in a brand new career or business venture.

But this has to be something you’re choosing to do, not something that could be considered to be a necessity.

Now, this could mean a lot of hard work getting this new venture off the ground.

It isn’t that the number 11 is some kind of magic genie–far from it. Rather, it is like a beacon, guiding you in the right direction if you’re wise enough to heed its counsel.

Getting pointed toward something new in your career may mean you have potential to grow.

Angel Number 11 and Money

US banknotes in a glass jar on orange background

Angel Number 11 means only uplifting things when it comes to money. Remember so much of Angel Number 11’s meaning has to do with leadership and energy.

This personal power can definitely be turned to earning more money. Many of the creative, energetic things a person does in business situations naturally leads to a healthy amount of money.

This is another reason why looking out for the Angel Number is important, and why knowing the Angel Number 11 meaning is even more important.

If I told you that seeing a certain number frequently could change your professional life, wouldn’t you pay more attention?

11 Angel number meaning according to The Law of Attraction

Angel number 11: Signboard number 11

The law of attraction states that good things come to those that think about them, or that positive thoughts attract positive results.

Now, it’s not hard to see how that might relate to Angel Number 11.

The appearance of this spiritual number is an indication that you’re approaching an opportunity to achieve the various goals you’ve set for yourself.

Female model sending positive and good vibrations

To work with the law of attraction, do your utmost to rid your mind of any negativity present and attempt to be a force for good.

Your positive deeds will be returned in a very exciting way.

Further, pay some attention to the signs you receive. Some positive things are headed your way, but it’s important to know which things these are and how you should apply your energies.

The Angel Number 11 means that the way is being shown.

Angel Number 11 and Tarot

Angel number 11 significance: Tarot de Marseille Number 11 La Force

In the construct of the Tarot, the number 11 corresponds to the justice card, and it points to the importance of law and justice.

One can take from it the idea that people should be disciplined, with an orderly mind, to reach their goals.

Remember, a big part of Angel Number 11’s meaning is the importance of listening to your intuition and pushing through until you reach your success.

What is the Significance of Angel Number 11?

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The significance is that you are destined for some great things and that if you listen to yourself and your intuition, being positive instead of negative, you will achieve many great things.

It is a master number, a reminder to listen to intuition, and a messenger number, pointing you to the fact that an angel is sending you messages of joy and optimism–so you should not lose hope.

We might also add that the significance of this number is being described throughout this article.

While one might not want to read a whole article, understanding the Angel Number 11 meaning can be more than worth it, as we emphasize throughout.

Angel Number 11 Meaning: Spiritual and Biblical Perspective

A bible opened at the page of proverbs

We are all spiritual beings, ones that live in a material world that throws a lot of challenges at us.

And so much of the Angel Number 11 meaning has to do with our spiritual path.

That is probably why it is so common in the Bible.

For instance, Jehoiakim, the final king of Judah, ruled for 11 years. God directed Moses to create 11 curtains for the tabernacle in the wilderness between Egypt and Canaan.

The Angel Number 11 meaning in the Bible is sometime’s man’s imperfection and chaos.

But, first and foremost, it is a messenger number, alerting us to the fact that our guardian angel is trying to get our attention.

Angel Number 11 meaning: What Does Doreen Virtue Think?

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Doreen Virtue is an author of inspirational books and is thought of as a spiritual leader.

She should be an authority on the Angel Number 11, right? Her take on this spiritual number and what it means is that it symbolizes happiness and success, which is why it popped up right before your eyes.

Virtue stresses that one cannot just sit around and wait for happiness to knock on their door.

It’s all about taking control, and that’s a very big component of the Angel Number 11 meaning.

The Number 11 in Pop Culture

7 Eleven store front

One of the most obvious and common pop culture appearances of the number 11 is the American chain store 7-11, which sells soda and chips and hot dogs.

Another obvious one is the film franchise Oceans 11. There is also a song called “Eleven” by the Grateful Dead.

Does it go any further than that? Well, yes, there are musical albums by numerous musical artists, including Martina McBride, Pearl Django, Incognito, and Harry Connick, Jr.

Ocean 11 movie poster

Also applicable to music is a film reference including the Number 11. Can you find any Angel Number 11 meaning in this?

In the 1982 movie “This is Spinal Tap,” a character says that he has an amplifier that goes to 11 instead of the usual 10.

Londerners would know the Number 11 bus as an inexpensive way to sightsee in that city.

One of the most recent pop culture references is the character “Eleven” in the wildly popular TV series “Stranger Things.”

Little-known Facts about Number 11

Remember armistice day November 11
  • In English, eleven is the smallest integer that requires 3 syllables to spell out.
  • Some Canadian currency has clocks printed on it, and the clock always reads 11:00.
  • World War Two ended on Armistice Day at 11:00 on November 11, or 11/11.
  • The plane that crashed into the north tower on 9/11 (Sept. 11, 2001) was American Airlines Flight 11.
  • There are eleven players on a team in: football, American football, cricket, and field hockey.

So now you know some amazing ideas having to do with this incredible number.

The meaning of Angel Number 11 has so much to do with positive things in your life that could be on the horizon.

It’s probably a good idea to study this number and its significance more closely.

Angel Number 11 FAQs

Angle number 11's meaning: Analog clock with the time 11 oclock

What does seeing Angel Number 11 Mean?

While the Angel Number 11 meaning is various and complex, when you keep seeing it, you know that your guardian Angel is trying to communicate with you. They are bringing messages of joy and hope, spurring you to look at the bright side of things and to motivate for great things.

What Does 11 Mean in relationships?

One of the things that Angel Number 11 is telling you is that a relationship you’re in is valuable. It reminds you to keep looking until you have the right partner, not to jump to conclusions about someone you haven’t known very long.

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